Carlos Fernando Chamorro

The Path to Change and Democracy for Nicaragua

The Path to Change and Democracy

1. Can Ortega make it to 2021 with the economic-social crisis? “We are winning,” chant the people in the streets,[...]

Bloody Lineage: The Somoza family released in Spanish as an e-book

One night in 1970, during my adolescent years, while poring through the shelves of my father’s library at our home[...]

Ortega’s “False Positives” on the Killings

The aggressive attack launched by the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry against the OAS’ Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, has meant a[...]

Four Premises to Negotiate Ortega’s Surrender

In the solitude of his bunker in El Carmen -the enclave of the State-Party-Family-, President Daniel Ortega took five days[...]

The Truth about the April Killings in Nicaragua

The preliminary report on the April killings in Nicaragua from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) is definitive in[...]

Nicaragua: Before and After the Social Security Heist

The repression unleashed this week by the Ortega shock troops operating under police protection reveals the regime’s fear of social[...]

“La utopía se convirtió en una broma macabra”

La novela “Vuelo de Cuervos”, se publicó por primera vez en Nicaragua en 1997, bajo el sello editorial del Centro[...]