Franklin Villavicencio

Levis Artola, the “Foreign Minister” of UNAN-Managua

Levis Artola, 21, only one and a half meters tall, law student and the “foreign minister” of the occupation at[...]

Asalto y toma de Confidencial viola 14 artículos de la Constitución

Al menos 14 artículos de la Constitución Política de Nicaragua fueron violados con el asalto y la posterior ocupación de[...]

Nicaragua: After the Bullets, No Peace for the Students

“Veneno” (Poison) feels like an “immigrant” within his country. “If you could imagine how the life of a migrant is,[...]

Imprisoned for Being Humane: Nicaragua’s Niquinohomo Sisters

If Olesia Munoz weren’t shut up in the La Esperanza women’s prison, together with a dozen other political prisoners, her[...]

Repression of Women Once again a Weapon of War

More than seven months after the civic rebellion of thousands of Nicaraguans, Daniel Ortega’s government has used different methods of[...]

Photo Expo of the Civic Rebellion at Nicaragua’s Central American University

The moments that have marked the civic protests that began since April will remain immortalized in the Memory Lane and[...]

Basketball Player Accused of Toppling a Metal Tree

Carlos Silva Rodriguez lost his final game of basketball. Before the second quarter began, a Police patrol pulled up to[...]