Franklin Villavicencio

Crece condena internacional ante represión

Monseñor Silvio Báez: “Los presos políticos no se negocian”

Iglesia Nicaragua

Monseñor Silvio Báez, obispo auxiliar de la Arquidiócesis de Managua y una de las voces más críticas dentro de la[...]

Our Precondition is Nicaragua First and Nothing “Under the Table”

The Nicaraguan students have a single representative, sitting at the negotiating table to continue the National Dialogue between the Government[...]

Young Nicaraguan Photographers Focus Their Lenses on the Civic Rebellion

On February 18, protests against the regime of Daniel Ortega entered their tenth month. From the beginning and with each[...]

Cafe in Nicaragua Staffed by the Hearing Impaired Reinvents Itself

The Granada that Rodolfo Sanchez knew has changed radically with the political crisis that’s shaken Nicaragua.  Sanchez, a young man[...]

“The FSLN Doesn’t Represent the Values of International Socialism”

Fernando Zamora, general secretary of Costa Rica’s National Liberation Party – the movement that promoted the expulsion of the Sandinista[...]

“El FSLN no representaba los valores de la Internacional Socialista”

Fernando Zamora, secretario general del Partido Liberación Nacional de Costa Rica —movimiento que promovió la expulsión del Frente Sandinista de[...]

Ortega’s Female Political Prisoners Expose the Regime’s Mistreatment to MEPs

A group of female political prisoners of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship has promised resistance from the “La Esperanza” (Hope) women’s prison,[...]