Gioconda Belli

Ortega’s Lie about Nicaragua Returning to “Normal”

You mustn’t forget that after the low tide, comes high tide, and that here, we do know how to overthrow a dictatorship.

La falacia de la normalidad

Gioconda Belli Nicaragua

No deben olvidar que después de la marea baja, viene la marea alta, y que aquí sí sabemos lo que es derrotar una dictadura

The Politics of “Hands Up!”

They may be the leaders of a sect, but they’ll never be able to govern a free and indomitable nation such as Nicaragua.

La política de “manos arriba”

Pueden ser los líderes de una secta, pero nunca podrán gobernar un país libre e indómito como Nicaragua.

Not Even God Could Stop Them

This attack, like the deaths, is the direct responsibility of Ortega and Murillo

Ni Dios los detuvo


Este ataque es responsabilidad directa, lo mismo que los muertos, de Ortega y Murillo

The Dilemmas of Nicaraguan Private Enterprise

general strike

It’s time that they come to the full realization that in this situation it’s our turn to push with everything we have.

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