Keyling T. Romero

Student Protestor Makes Film on the Civic Rebellion in Nicaragua

Civic Rebellion

In a parallel universe Nicaragua has become a technologically advanced society, but it is dominated by the Orewellian State led[...]

Exile: The Price for Defending the People in Nicaragua

Haydee Castillo wrote the last sentence of her speech five hours before she was to read it during the Permanent[...]

Prestigious Nicaraguan School Rejects Political Proselytism

A number of posters with political propaganda were hung in the halls of the Colegio Aleman Nicaraguense [German Nicaraguan School][...]

Nicaragua: The April that’s Lasted a Whole Year

In a few days it will be the first anniversary of the civic struggle in Nicaragua. However, the “self-organized” Nicaraguans[...]

Protests Continue in Nicaragua Despite Police Repression

Despite the police deployment that began in the early hours of Saturday, April 6, and still continues, groups of the[...]

Siguen las protestas pese al asedio policial

A pesar del despliegue policial que se dio desde las primeras horas del sábado y aun se mantiene, grupos de[...]

The Sanchez Sisters: Imprisoned and Tortured in Nicaragua for Marching

On her knees in a preventive holding cell at the infamous El Chipote interrogation jail, Yolanda Sanchez Moraga thought about[...]