Keyling T. Romero

In addition to a social and economic crisis, we Nicaraguans are experiencing a crisis in our sex lives

How the Crisis in Nicaragua Changed our Sex Lives

We can’t talk about human beings without mentioning sex, much less in times of crisis. In fact, the first thing[...]

Overcoming the Mental Health Fallout the Crisis Left in Nicaragua

At a year and four months from the onset of the socio-political crisis, mental health experts note that we Nicaraguans[...]

Nicaragua: Cultural Happening in Times of Protest

Music, dance, photography, poetry and handicrafts were the artistic expressions presented by several former political prisoners and Nicaraguan artists who[...]

Nicaragua News from the Past that Seems Like the Present

On Twitter, Avil Ramírez, has been responsible for rescuing the historical memory of Nicaragua, showing through newspaper clippings, the news[...]

Liberan y otorgan medidas alternas a la abogada de la CPDH, María Oviedo

Más de 48 horas después de haber sido detenida en la estación de policía de Masaya, la abogada de la[...]

UAM cancela graduación y prohíbe homenaje a estudiante brasileña asesinada

La tarde de este sábado decenas de estudiantes de la Universidad Americana (UAM) recibieron sus títulos universitarios en un acto[...]

Nicaraguan University Cancels Graduation to Avoid Homage to Murdered Brazilian Student

Saturday afternoon dozens of students from the American University (UAM) received their university degrees in an impromptu event held at[...]