Néstor Arce

Taiwan Gets Cold Feet with Ortega, Fears US Sanctions

“No Taiwanese bank wants to be involved in the transfer, for fear of being sanctioned by the US.”


Ortega Attacks his Brother and Remains Mum about US Sanctions


Ortega accuses former army head Humberto Ortega of becoming a “peon” and a “servant” of the oligarchy and the US Empire.

Massive Violations of Press Freedom Reported in Nicaragua

Censorship, threats, harassment, robbery, arson, imprisonment and death are among the attacks against journalists and media recorded by the FVBCh

Ortega Government Manipulates Figure on Political Prisoners

Conditions of political prisoners continues to be inhuman, without access to medical care and subjected to punishments

Gobierno de Ortega manipula cifra de presos políticos

Medardo Mairena

Condiciones de presos políticos siguen siendo inhumanas, sin acceso a atención médica y sometidos a castigos

Business Leader Says, “Ortega Must Avoid a Total Collapse”

"I do not believe that the IMF or any other organization wants to continue supporting a country with so much repression"

Nicaragua Is Drifting Towards Ruin

Nicaragua Is Drifting

A provisional government must organize anticipated general, legislative and municipal elections.

The Social Networks have been Our Eyes

Cellphone in hand, Nicaraguans have led and documented an unprecedented civic insurrection.

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