Yamlek Mojica

Two Young Nicaraguan Women, Yaritza and Victoria

Before doing anything else, I want us to hold onto these names: Levy Rugama, Yaritza Mairena, Victoria Obando, Byron Corea,[...]

Nicaraguans Tell Their Stories about Fleeing to Costa Rica to Survive

Ever since the crisis began in Nicaragua, a new wave of immigrants fleeing to Costa Rica in order to survive[...]

How the Crisis in Nicaragua Affects Young People’s Mental Health

For nearly three months, Nicaraguans have suffered through one of the gravest social and political crises in the country’s history.[...]

Abrao y Urrejola regresan a Nicaragua para instalar GIEI

El secretario ejecutivo de la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH), Pablo Abrao, y la comisionada Antonia Urrejola regresarán este[...]

Today’s Youth in Nicaragua Will Never Be the Same

¿I’m waiting for the bus in front of a crime scene. The day is windy, and it looks like it’ll[...]

“¡Justicia!” y “no mentiras”, demandan en entierro de bebé asesinado

A sus 14 meses, Teyler Lorío Navarrete no podía caminar. Para jugar gateaba y para movilizarse usaba un carrito azul[...]

The Odyssey of the New Nicaraguan Migrants

At six in the morning, the line to get into the Department of Immigration & Foreign Services already stretches for[...]