Carlos Mejia Godoy’s Open Letter to Daniel Ortega

Photo by Carlos Herrera | Confidencial

Daniel:  I wish I could see you face to face, to look in your eyes and tell you the things that follow. I know this is very blunt, and expressing it puts my life in jeopardy. I accept that without fear, because I have better bodyguards than the thugs that are protecting you. My bodyguards are the spirits of Alvarito Conrado and that legion of children, teenagers and young people that you’ve ordered killed.  They’re watching my steps, night and day.

Daniel:  I only want to remind you of a conversation I had with your father one night, both of us sitting on the sidewalk in front of his house in the San Antonio neighborhood of Managua.  Daniel senior told me something chilling. He told me that when Tacho the son (former dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle) was torturing Baez Bone, upon cutting his tongue with a short saber, the patriot, drenched in blood, spit in his face and said: Damn you – this blood is going to pursue you until the last day of your life.”

Daniel: Stop this genocide NOW. For the blood of your brother Camilo, assassinated by the Somoza dictatorship in Las Sabogales – end this barbarity immediately. The 23rd of July is approaching, and the remembrance of the Sainted Blood of that group of youth annihilated in Leon must bring you to reflect.

In the name of that God, with whom you fill your mouth and your soul, in the name of that God who’s watching this holocaust, stop the killing Daniel, Now!

This open letter to Daniel Ortega was posted by the Nicaraguan singer-songwriter on his Facebook page.