Catholic nun, Xiskya Valladares, writes open letter to the International Community

The famous tweeter and religious journalist of Nicaraguan origin calls for belligerent actions to stop the massacre

Lord Rulers of the world:

I’m just a Catholic nun. No one has asked me to write to you but my conscience has forced me to. I cannot see how a dictator massacres his people and you remain silent as if nothing has happened. It is true that Nicaragua is a small country of only 6 million citizens. It has no oil and it may not be important for your interests. However, lethal repression is increasing by the minute. It is human beings that are at stake here. They have deep values and great courage in a strategic place of Central America. They deserve your help since they are being killed.

Families with children have been burnt alive, citizens peacefully demonstrating have been shot apart from violating churches, injuring bishops, illegally arrests and torture. Elderly people, men and women, children, nobody is saved in today’s Nicaragua. Crimes against humanity are being committed day in day out. When are you going to react?

For once at least, put aside your political and economic interests. Show your humanity. It is not a question of ideology nor of creed or politics. It is a matter of humanity. The world should be a liveable environment for everybody. You have been appointed to make the world more human like. The service of authority and power is not only to enrich countries but to contribute to making a more human like planet. The people of Nicaragua need you now.

Please, do act. Do it soon before they kill us all. I beg you to help the people of Nicaragua. Please, stop this massacre.

Many tanks for your attention.

Xiskya Valladares

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