Nicaraguan Convicted for Waving the Country’s Flag

Yader Luna

The prosecution asked for 16 years for supposed drug trafficking. Judges also delivered a guilty verdict to the political prisoner Brayan Cornejo

sergio beteta

In Nicaragua “Nothing Is Normal” Although the Regime Tries to Make the Country Forget It

Ivette Munguía

Vulnerability, impunity, fear, and the need to survive are behind the silence of the population in the face of abuses of power.

Nicaragua’s Press Censorship is “Physical, Legal and Symbolic”

press censorship in Nicaragua
Cindy Regidor

Pedro Vaca: “The situation is critical. A high dose of courage is needed to engage in journalism, but there’s a great capacity for resilience.”

AstraZeneca and Sputnik V vaccines arrive in Nicaragua under State secrecy

Cinthya Torrez

Murillo announced the arrival of 135,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine, but does not mention how many doses of Sputnik V were received on Tuesday

A Nicaraguan on a Scientific Mission in Antarctica

Cindy Regidor

As a child he used to collect computer parts in “La Chureca”. Today he participates with a Spanish mission in search of geodynamic data in Antarctica

The UNO “model” 31 years after the triumph against the FSLN

Juan Carlos Bow

A presidential formula was chosen, in 1989, in a conclave of 14 electors. Today, the opposition advocates for a consultation

Bulldozing Our Rights

Edgar Tijerino

“The tracks of the abuses will remain forever, far beyond any sign saying, “CONFIDENCIAL was here!”

Bukele’s management under voter scrutiny in Sunday’s elections


The triumph of New Ideas would mean that the president would serve the rest of his term virtually unopposed

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