Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Win the United States Elections

The United States will have a female vice president for the first time in its history: Kamala Harris

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden became the president-elect of the United States on Saturday. The results from the key state of Pennsylvania tipped the balance, reported the networks CNN, CBS and NBC .

Biden, the presidential candidate who has won the most votes in US history, surpassed the magic number of 270 delegates he needed in the Electoral College, after it was confirmed that he will win in Pennsylvania.

His running mate, Kamala Harris, also made history by becoming the first woman ever to be elected US vice president. She is also the first black woman to hold that position, when they both take office on January 20.

The announcement came after nearly four days of agonizing waiting. Record numbers of mail in ballots had to be counted in the elections with the most participation in US history.

Major television networks made their projection shortly before 11:30 AM EST (16:30 GMT), when Biden extended his lead in Pennsylvania to more than 30,000 votes over US President Donald Trump.

Trump refuses to acknowledge his defeat

Shortly before, Trump had proclaimed falsely on Twitter that he had won re-election “by a long shot.”

Biden declared he is “honored to be chosen to lead” the country, after the projections of the main media.

Currently, Biden has 284 delegates or 273, depending on whether Arizona is taken into account or not. Some media have not yet projected his victory there, which others including AP and Fox news did on election night. It takes 270 electoral votes to win. As some votes are still being counted, Trump currently has 214.

Meanwhile, the count continues in Nevada, Georgia and Arizona. Local authorities hope to offer new results throughout the day. Nonetheless, they warn that the process from now on could slow down even more.

Trump filed lawsuits in several key states, assuring Saturday that “the election is far from over.” He also criticized Joe Biden for “rushing” to “falsely” claim victory. However, it is unlikely that any of the suits can invalidate sufficient votes in any territory.


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