A Funeral for Justice in Nicaragua

Sofía Montenegro

The illegal release of more than eight thousand prisoners, represents the last shovel of dirt to the claims of justice in Nicaragua

Free Elections Demanded in Nicaragua during Homage to Antonio Lacayo

Cinthia Membreño

His "atypical" form of politics is needed in Nicaragua today, say former ministers of the Barrios de Chamorro government

Nicaragua: Attack on Citizens Who Demand Free Elections

Álvaro Navarro

The criminal attack occurred in the morning when the two activists of the Nicaraguan Democratic Movement (MdN) came out of their house

Fernando’s eyes

Gioconda Belli

A tribute to the Jesuit priest Fernando Cardenal, by the writer and poet Gioconda Belli

Fernando Cardenal: A Life for Love

Family, scholars, writers and politicians, say goodbye to the priest Fernando Cardenal

Nicaragua: Fernando Cardenal, revolutionary priest dies at 82

The Jesuit priest passed away on Saturday in a Managua hospital

Nicaragua: UNDP Strongly Refutes Ortega’s Accusations

Arlen Cerda

Loss of millions for Nicaragua: Unspent funds are being returned to their corresponding donors

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