Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo’s regime has just raised the level of their harassment against feminist movements, in a day[...]

I’ve watched the video of the students from the “Republic of Argentina” school in Managua, showing a young girl throwing[...]

The state of emergency imposed by Commander Daniel Ortega, severely undermining the constitutional right to free mobilization and the right[...]

The regime of Daniel Ortega and his wife and Vice President Rosario Murillo has increased the political persecution against the[...]

100 Noticias

The television channel “100% Noticias” (News) reported that its owners, Miguel Mora and Veronica Chavez, were threatened with death by[...]

march "Together we are homeland"

The police ban to prevent the march organized by feminist movements and the Blue and White National Unity on Sunday,[...]

More than seven months after the civic rebellion of thousands of Nicaraguans, Daniel Ortega’s government has used different methods of[...]


Mothers of protesters who have been arrested during Nicaragua’s sociopolitical crisis reported that there are at least 610 political prisoners[...]

There was a time, the time I come from, when being a Sandinista meant putting your life on the line.[...]

The moments that have marked the civic protests that began since April will remain immortalized in the Memory Lane and[...]