Journalists on the Gag Law: We Won’t be Silenced!

Gag Law
Ivette Munguía

Manuel Diaz: The registries of a citizen’s internet activities now become “the body of the crime”

Nicaraguan migrants in Spain work in precarious conditions to support their families

Cindy Regidor

From domestic workers to temporary workers in rural areas , Nicaraguans in Spain are victims of exploitation, while the State looks the other way

Nicaraguan Government hides 98% of Covid-19 deaths

Today's news report: Nicaragua has the highest Covid-19 mortality rate, Almagro warns about the presidential elections, and Gag Law ready for approval

Nicaragua: “Gag Law” Extends Censorship & Surveillance

Vladimir Vásquez

Special Cybercrimes Law aimed at “erasing” the April Rebellion. At the same time, it orders internet providers to “record” user data.

Nicaraguan NGO Forced to Close Shelters

Casa Alianza
Yader Luna

The Ortega government’s Family Ministry, has relocated nine teen mothers. Casa Alianza hasn’t even been notified where the minors were transferred to

Relatives of Ortega’s Political Prisoners Denounce Silence

Ivette Munguía

They reject that the demand to release political prisoners was not included in the OAS resolution on Nicaragua

“You think you’re going to die”: This is how Nicaraguans in Costa Rica survive Covid-19

In urban areas, migrants and refugees have gotten infected because they cannot stay at home and live in overcrowded areas

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