Hospitals Filled to Capacity with Covid-19 Cases Confirmed by two journalists who sought medical attention

Capacity with Covid-19
Ivette Munguía

Alvaro Navarro y Emiliano Chamorro went from one private hospital to another seeking medical care, but intensive care units were overflowing

My Questions to Sandinistas in Times of Pandemic

Dora Maria Tellez, sandinistas, sandinista

I mourn physical deaths, but also the deceit that has made them multiply. This virus does not differentiate between Sandinistas and non-Sandinistas

Political Prisoners Start Hunger Strike, 37 with covid-19 Symptoms

Yader Luna

The prisoners will make a gradual hunger strike that will begin in galleries five, six and seven of the La Modelo prison

Latin American Leaders Use the Pandemic to Attack Journalists

Nicaraguan Approach

At least seven presidents in Latin America have used the information on Covid-19 as an excuse to discredit journalists.

The Nicaraguan Approach: Defy Science with Ignorance at the Helm

Nicaraguan Approach
Jorge A. Huete-Pérez

The Ortega-Murillo model: scorn for science, lack of diagnostic testing, and the failed family-community model

Covid-19 in Matagalpa: Amid Mistrust and Official Silence

Matagalpa Confronts Covid-19
Juan Carlos Bow

“There simply isn’t any trust in the system,” warn doctors who denounce the lack of measures and the increase in pressures on health personnel

PAHO: “In Nicaragua Covid-19 Spread Is Already at Community Level”

Nicaragua Covid-19 Spread
Ivette Munguía

PAHO Director warns of “strong increase” in Covid-19 cases in Nicaragua in the coming days, despite the lack of data

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