Gioconda Belli

People ask me if Eddy Montes Praslin is a relative of mine. His last name is Praslin, like the last[...]

Special Prosecutor’s Office

The murder of political prisoner, Eddy Montes Praslin, by a prison guard in the La Modelo prison last Thursday, should[...]


On Sunday, May 19, hundreds of citizens in Matagalpa bid farewell to the Nicaraguan political prisoner Eddy Montes. Montes, also[...]


Student leader Zayda Hernandez appeared Sunday night with signs of abuse on her body. The young woman was kidnapped since[...]

According to the Nicaraguan Interior Ministry, Eddy Antonio Montes Praslin, a political prisoner, was killed by a prison guard this[...]

Civic Rebellion

In a parallel universe Nicaragua has become a technologically advanced society, but it is dominated by the Orewellian State led[...]


Yader Triguero Hernandez, 28, wasn’t satisfied with merely killing Johana Flores Abaunza, 48. Before she took her last breath, he[...]

Sergio Ramirez

For the award-winning Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramirez Mercado, the Ortega dictatorship makes a “futile” effort to gain time in negotiations[...]

The stalemate in negotiations between the Civic Alliance and the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, as a result of the intransigence of commander[...]

For an entire year, we’ve seen the iron determination of the Nicaraguan citizens to push non-violently for a profound democratic[...]