The political prisoner Kenia Maria Gutierrez Gomez, 36, only had to obey a few guards to obtain the release to[...]

Pain in Nicaragua

It was the end of the 1940’s when my father, Pedro Hurtado Cardenas, had to flee into exile after a[...]

Police Station

Dozens of lightning protests led by citizens dressed in blue and white on Saturday challenged the police state in Nicaragua,[...]


Recent history has witnessed tragic crimes against humanity: those that occurred in Stalin’s Russia, Mao Zedong’s China, and in Cambodia[...]

The negotiation table maintained by the Government of Daniel Ortega and the Civic Alliance to overcome the crisis that broke[...]

The collapse of the Nicaraguan economy has affected more families as a whole than the national banking system, but no[...]

Kill Us

The Nicaraguan “civic insurrection” has spawned hundreds of political prisoners and this is the welcome message they get when entering[...]


The sensation of freedom only lasted 3 days for Carlos Silva Rodriguez. On February 27, he had been one of[...]


“Cuando veas las barbas de tu vecino arder, poné las tuyas a remojar” is an old Spanish saying which roughly[...]


Beyond the brutal police repression of the march held last Saturday, March 16, the Blue and White National Unity movement[...]