Daniel Ortega’s son Laureano Repudiated in Madrid, Called a “Murderer”

laureano ortega repudiated
Ivette Munguía

The son of the presidential couple, sanctioned in the US, participated in Spain in the International Tourism Fair

The Challenges Facing the National Coalition in Nicaragua

Challenges for the National Coalition
Carlos F. Chamorro

Manuel Orozco: electoral reforms and “competitive elections, even under the state of siege of Ortega”

Nicaraguan Peasant Movement Demands “True Unity” to Opposition Coalition

Nicaraguan Peasant Movement
Ivette Munguía

From Costa Rica, Francisca Ramirez accuses Medardo Mairena of excluding her from the Nicaraguan Peasant Movement for ideological reasons

Nicaragua’s Public Employees: “When Does this End?”

public empolyees

Ligia Gomez, former official in the Nicaraguan Central Bank, speaks of the dilemma faced by public employees who “don’t agree with the repression”

Nicaragua: Medardo Mairena Calls for Unity and an End to the Killings

Mairena Calls for Unity

Medardo Mairena: if by then it has not been achieved, we will make our own decisions, because we have also seen that there is a lot of exclusion”

Baltasar Garzon’s Words for Nicaragua

Índice mundial de corrupción, daniel ortega, rosarop murillo, baltasar garzon
Uriel Pineda

Today, Daniel Ortega’s legacy doesn’t matter anymore. He’ll be remembered only for his crimes against humanity

Senators Request “Strategy” of More Sanctions on the Ortega Regime

More Sanctions

Bipartisan initiative demands more pressure to free all of Ortega’s political prisoners and force the dictatorship to make deep electoral reforms.

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