Carlos Mejia Godoy: Refrain for the Charred Christ

Charred Christ
Carlos Mejía Godoy

This Sunday on Esta Semana, Carlos Mejia Godoy talks about his latest song regarding the fire in a chapel of the Managua cathedral on July 31

Young People’s Future After the Pandemic

Young People Future
Rubén Aguilar

The youth face enormous uncertainty about what’s coming next. Many are facing this time with anxiety and distress.

Nicaragua: A Frankenstein called the National Coalition

The National Coalition
Bonifacio Miranda Bengoechea

The UNAB and the Civic Alliance have the challenge of turning their backs on the “mosquito” opposition and becoming a new pole of attraction

“Here Was Granada” (1856) & “Here Was Nicaragua” (2020)

Here was Nicaragua
  • Raul Valdivia
  •  12 de agosto 2020

In 1856, William Walker inscribed on the ruins of the city he had burned: “Here was Granada”. In 2022, the expression may be: “Here was Nicaragua"

Humberto Belli: “If We Don’t Stop Ortega, What Comes Next Will Be Worse.”

daniel ortega, stop ortega
Carlos F. Chamorro

“They’re not going to intimidate the church with those attacks,” Belli affirms. He advocates a greater level of organization for the opposition’s civic

The Hate Rhetoric that Encourages Violence in Nicaragua Must Be Exposed

Violence in Nicaragua, Encourages Violence
Manuel Orozco

The exercise of self-defense of values. Nicaragua is made up of people with a sense of dignity, humanity, solidarity, and with the right to vote.

This Past Week No Health Workers Died from Covid-19 in Nicaragua

Juan Carlos Bow

The independent Health Observatory says the number of possible COVID-19 cases has reached 9,436. The number of deaths is at 2,591.

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