Ortega Mobs Attack the Cathedral in Leon, Nicaragua

Ortega Mobs
Ivette Munguía

The attackers played propaganda music of Ortega and later threw stones into the interior of the temple where a mass was taking place.

Olesia Munoz: Released from Prison in Nicaragua but Nowhere to Call Home

Olesia Munoz
Juan Carlos Bow

“The struggle continues and I don’t necessarily have to be based in my town. I have to protect my life,” she asserts.

Nicaragua’s Student Leaders Continue Firm in the Civic Struggle

Yader Luna

The students note that they were not released under Ortega’s self-Amnesty Law, because they never committed any crimes.

Nicaraguan Rural Leader Medardo Mairena Speaks after Prison

The peasant leader and member of the Civic Alliance was asked to blame the Catholic Bishops Conference for the barricades

Nicaragua: Merchant Leader Irlanda Jerez says “You Can’t Silence People with Bullets”

Merchant Leader
Juan Carlos Bow

Politically outspoken leader of the market venders can’t return home following her release from prison, as it was sacked and occupied the night.

Nicaraguan Journalists Freed after a 172-Day Commercial

Nicaraguan Journalists

“If Ortega doesn’t return the television station, he’s a thief.” “The Ortega wing of the Sandinistas hates liberty, democracy and freedom of the press”

US Congress Weighs More Pressure against Ortega in Nicaragua

US Congress

The United States lower house weighs recommendations for US foreign policy towards Managua.

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