The Nicaragua Miracle

Carlos F. Chamorro

In the face of the greatest act of corruption in our history, a complicit silence reigns in Nicaragua

Act One


Rosario and Daniel have now arrived at that same level of self-deification, something that is very serious for all of us

Social Security: the Economic Crisis Grows

Reforma INSS, presupuesto general

Scarce coverage, low productivity, and an extremely well-paid upper bureaucracy that “sucks up” the Institute’s scarce resources.

Sunday of Revolution

Guillermo Rothschuh

The liberties that the novelist assumes to criticize the revolution are as important as other artistic licenses that have been incorporated

Venezuela’s Interference in Nicaragua

Nicaragua y la izquierda
  • Mariano de Alba
  •  2 de enero 2017

Daniel Ortega has consolidated his authoritarian model of government thanks to the oil deal with Caracas

A Revolution in Today’s Managua

Dánae Vílchez

“My hope for the future is that people will come to have faith in the power they have to change things.”

Nicaragua’s “State Policy” Against Freedom of the Press

Monopolization of the media, centralization of information, intimidation and self-censorship are the main threats to the exercise of journalism

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