Nicaragua’s Civic Alliance Calls Third National Strike on Friday, Sept. 7

The strike is “for the liberation of the political prisoners, the National Dialogue and for peace,” the group affirms.

Tortures and Missing Persons Denounced in Nicaragua

Victims of government repression tell of the mistreatment they received at the hands of the police and the paramilitary.

Some Reasons for Ortegas’ Absurdities

Onofre Guevara López

Do they really think that they are right and that the whole world is wrong?

Ortega Denies Repression and Blames the US for the Crisis in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega

Dismisses the Sandinista dissidents for “talking like right-wing democrats”.

Harassment and Shooting did not stop Opposition March in Managua

Yader Luna

The massive march was attacked with gunshots by hooded people traveling in three pick-up trucks. Two wounded, one of them is doctor Carlos Fletes.

Casting off the Flaws of Nicaragua’s Old Political Culture

Iván Olivares

They emphasize that the international community hasn’t forgotten Nicaragua, and that the violations of the Ortega regime will be discussed in the UN.

UN Mission Says: “No Evidence of a Coup, this is a Civic Protest”

Carlos F. Chamorro

“You don’t send people armed with military weapons to repress protests … there has been a ramping up of attacks from the State and its forces”

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