Pro-Daniel Ortega Mob Tried to Storm another Church in Masaya

Tried to Storm another Church
Ivette Munguía

Police and a mob of Ortega supporters attacked inhabitants that protected the Saint John the Baptist Church of Masaya

The Women who were on Hunger Strike in a Blockaded Masaya Church

Hunger Strike

These are the mothers, wives, and sisters of political prisoners who were on a hunger strike in the San Miguel Church in Masaya

Jesuits Condemn Besiegement of Churches & the C.A. University in Nicaragua

Jesuits Condemn Besiegement

They call on the international community to act strongly and request the activation of the Inter-American Democratic Charter

Weeklong Police Siege of a Church in Masaya Continues

Police Siege of a Church in Masaya
Ivette Munguía

Police continue to deny access to water and medicine, but allows supporters of the Ortega dictatorship to come and insult those in the temple

Amaya Coppens, Political Prisoner, again, Brutalized by Ortega’s Police

Political Prisoner Brutalized
Juan Carlos Bow

The 5th year medical student spent four days in an isolated punishment cell in the infamous "El Chipote" jail

“I was a Sandinista”, Nicaraguans Tell Their Story

i was sandinista
Keyling T. Romero

They grew up hearing about Sandino and the FSLN; and now they reject the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo

OAS Commission: Nicaraguan Regime “Alters Democratic Order”

oas commission
Juan Carlos Bow

Recommends “immediately” convening an “extraordinary session of the General Assembly to review this matter”

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