When she learned of the announced resumption of negotiations between the Civic Alliance and the Ortega government, Vilma Nunez de[...]

At 11:15 pm on Thursday, December 13 of last year, the National Police stormed the editorial offices of Confidencial and[...]

On Friday, February 22, the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy revealed their agenda for sitting down to negotiate with[...]

After the dictator Daniel Ortega formalized the reinstatement of the national dialogue for Wednesday, February 27, the Civic Alliance for[...]

On Saturday, February 16, after meeting with representatives of big capital, having Cardinal Brenes and the Apostolic Nuncio as witnesses,[...]


On Friday, February 22, Michelle Bachelet, former Chilean president and current UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, condemned the “criminalization[...]

Civic Alliance

The resumption of the national dialogue between the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy and the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega[...]

Daniel Ortega

It is logical that the news of the meeting made by Ortega with some bankers, with the participation of the[...]

Lesther Aleman

Lesther Aleman turned 21 in exile. He always believed that he would leave Nicaragua to study, but it was not[...]

Among the 767 political prisoners of the dictatorship, more than 30 are university students who in April 2018 left the[...]