Lung Specialist Jorge Cuadra: “We’re at High Risk” of a New Wave of covid-19

High risk of new wave of covid-19

Even when there are underlying conditions, “the trigger & the cause of mortality” is covid-19, asserts this doctor with over two decades in his field.

The Surge of Aggressions against Journalists in Nicaragua

Journalists in Nicaragua
Guillermo Rothschuh

No country in history has been able to silence journalism. Not even Nazi Germany.

Solidarity Helps 148 Nicaraguan Migrants Return Home

Nicaraguan Refugees, covid-19 en la frontera
Ivette Munguía

Costa Rican authorities reported that 21 Nicaraguan migrants tested positive for the novel Coronavirus and couldn’t be repatriated

Nicaraguan Cardenal Brenes Denounces “a Terrorist Act”

Terrorist act against the catholic church in Nicaragua
Ivette Munguía

Cardenal Leopoldo Brenes was very sad about the loss of the image of the Blood of Christ, calling it “an act of terrorism” against the Catholic Church

Working for a Fairer Society: Reflections for Our Youth

Gerardo Baltodano

To build a more just society, the first step is finding a way out of this dictatorship through peaceful, non-violent struggle.

Citizens’ Observatory: 2,537 Deaths Associated with Covid-19 in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

The coronavirus is spreading to the semi-urban and rural zones of the country, according to an independent source.

PAHO: “Increased Deaths in Nicaragua Related to Covid-19”

The State of Nicaragua has the duty to “provide the diagnostic service free of charge, to all those who need it, including the migrant population”

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