Nicaraguan Photographers Documented the Violence and Repression

Nicaraguan Photographers
  • Mónica García
  •  7 de octubre 2019

UCA has published a book bringing together the work of photographers who were documenting the hardest and most violent moments of the ongoing crisis

OAS Commission Prepares “Conclusive” Report on Nicaragua

OAS Commission

Ambassador Carlos Trujillo assures they have “the information necessary” to present the report on Nicaragua

Could the Democrats Blow It?

  • Elizabeth Drew
  •  4 de octubre 2019

Harassment and Espionage in Costa Rica against Zoilamerica Ortega Murillo

Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo

A man dressed in camouflage positioned himself in front of her house for hours. Harassment occurs three weeks after the premiere of “Exiled"

We are all El Nuevo Diario!

el nuevo diario
Manuel Sandoval Cruz

We should be outraged by the economic consequences that closing a company implies, and for the social and political connotation of closing a media

Nicaragua Opposition Groups Meet with OAS Commission in El Salvador

OAS Commission

Special Commission and OAS General Secretariat confirm to an opposition delegation that there will be no electoral reforms without consensus

Nicaraguan Court Demands Destitution of Ortega’s Former Main Man

rafael solis

Magistrate Solis resigned from his post in January 2019, when he fled to Costa Rica

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