Work Stoppage

The Civic Alliance for Democracy and Justice termed Friday’s national strike “successful” – the third such strike in four months[...]

The small business leader and dentist Irlanda Jerez has been for 54 days in an eight by four meters’ cell,[...]

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy called Thursday for a 24-hour national strike on Friday, September 7, to demand[...]

In addition to the hundreds of dead, the repression from Daniel Ortega’s regime has left innumerable cases of abductions, disappearances[...]


The severity of the UN Human Rights Mission report about the Nicaraguan government’s violations of these rights is undeniable.  A[...]

Daniel Ortega

HAVANA TIMES – Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega denies that he has quashed the protests through repression, doesn’t feel responsible for[...]


Just before midday on Sunday, thousands of people participating in what was called the “March of the flags” began to[...]


HAVANA TIMES – The political parties that want to remain relevant in the Nicaragua to come – when the Ortega-Murillo[...]

Twenty-four hours before leaving Nicaragua after being expelled by the government, as part of the UN’s team from the Office[...]

Relatives of retired Coronel Carlos Brenes and of retired Major Tomas Maldonado, both accused of terrorism and other crimes committed[...]