Represión León

A bomb that exploded in the reception room of Radio Dario, located in the Department of Leon in western Nicaragua,[...]


The International witnesses of the national dialogue between the Civic Alliance and the Government of Daniel Ortega facilitated an agreement[...]


One of the most noteworthy news items of the last few days has been the United States government’s imposition of[...]

A Year of Protest

A “guardabarranco” (Nicaragua’s national bird) perched on his shoulder and a blue and white band that runs through his chest[...]

Magistrate Rafael Solis

Rafael Solis, former magistrate on the Nicaraguan Supreme Court, warned that the Ortega-Murillo regime plans not to liberate “under any[...]

Nicaraguan School

A number of posters with political propaganda were hung in the halls of the Colegio Aleman Nicaraguense [German Nicaraguan School][...]

In the Official Nicaraguan Gazette, edition published on April 23, are the latest regulations for obligatory reports to the Financial[...]

We Are Not the Children

This is how April 2018 began: a fire, young people raising their voices and the repressive response of the Government[...]


The only vulnerable point of the Ortega-Murillo regime is its susceptibility to US sanctions, according to the latest report from[...]

April Rebellion

The image of euphoric protestors celebrating the fall of the first “Chayopalo”, one of the omnipresent metal “trees of life”[...]