Banpro, Promerica headquarters in Managua. Cortesía | Banpro

Promerica Financial Corporation, majority shareholder of Banpro (the largest bank in Nicaragua), announced the launching of an international issue of[...]

Dozens of Nicaraguan organizations and groups abroad gathered in Washington over the weekend declaring themselves in favor of advanced general[...]

The Managua shopping center Galerias Santo Domingo explained in a statement that “it has not requested a police presence” in[...]


The regime of Daniel Ortega accused non-governmental organizations in the United States and the European Union of being accomplices in[...]

Esperanza Lacayo de Healy owns the three farms – Chatilla, Santa Lucia, and Zopilote – a total of some 141 hectares in the community[...]

At least 420 violations of press freedom were registered in Nicaragua in the first six months of the socio-political crisis[...]

Julio Cesar Espinoza, dying has never been an option. He’s young, with a wife and three sons, and five years[...]

A group of Nicaraguans in the United States began a campaign to demand US investment firms to stop administering the[...]

Every time she looks at the photo of her only three sons, crowded into the back of a Police pick-up[...]

The first meeting of Nicaraguan leaders abroad, in which some of those forced into exile because of Ortega’s repression will[...]