UNAN Managua and University Autonomy in Times of Coronavirus

UNAN Managua, University Autonomy
Alejandra Centeno

How is it that a center of thought, with the chief medical school, hasn’t been able to protect its students, staff and administrative employees?

COSEP: “The Government Must Assume its Responsibility”

Government Must Assume its Responsibility
Carlos F. Chamorro

Jose Adan Aguerri: This is the only country on the continent that has not taken even one of the six preventive measures that the rest of the world

Doctors in Nicaragua Complain of “Unsafe Conditions” in Hospitals for Facing Covid-19

Unsafe Conditions in Hospitals, coronavirus in Nicaragua

They aren't allowed to use masks or gloves, or to speak of the pandemic. The group Medical Unity demands of the Health Ministry protection

Nicaragua “Recommends” Quarantine to People Arriving from Countries with Covid-19

Quarantine in Nicaragua

With this decision, the Government changes its position regarding social distancing; Murillo had said that there would be “no quarantine of any kind”

“Be Like Ortega,” The Viral Message in Nicaragua for Covid-19

Viral Message in Nicaragua

“Ortega doesn’t go to marches or meetings. Ortega doesn’t send his grandchildren to school. Nothing makes Ortega leave his house. Ortega wants to live.

Nicaraguans Quarantined in Zaragoza, Spain Receive Protection

Nicaraguans Quarantined in Zaragoza

They fear that more people were infected in the church where Nicaraguan pastor Nereyda Palacios preached. Palacios died of Covid-19 last Thursday

Daniel Ortega’s Silence Questioned in Times of Covid-19

Maynor Salazar

Many Nicaraguans believe that a quarantine would be ideal to prevent coronavirus infection from spreading and adopt their own self-care measures

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