Daniel Ortega’s Secret Meeting with Trump’s Preacher

Secret Meeting
Juan Carlos Bow

Rosario Murillo complained about the US sanctions and their demand for early elections, and invited Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for a private visit

The New Sandinista Youth: Exclusive Domain of ‘Compañera Rosario’

The New Sandinista Youth
Maynor Salazar

A vertical organization, created in the image and likeness of the first lady and Vice President, has replaced the historic Sandinista Youth

Nicaraguan Protestors Outwit the Police State

Ivette Munguía

Opponents of Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship demonstrate despite the de facto state of siege and outwit the regime that represses them

Why So Many Rebellions?

Gioconda Belli

A key element underlies the massive protests: the search for a different model of political representation.

Edwin Tellez Guevara, the “Vandalic Boxer”

vandalic boxer
  • Monica Garcia Peralta
  •  1 de noviembre 2019

The athlete with the Nicaraguan flag and its inverted shield, as a form of protest, earned him the nickname of the “vandalic boxer”

The Highest Goal for Nicaragua

unity in Nicaragua
Edgar Tijerino

When you have a support base as overwhelming and powerful as this blue and white one, candidacies are left behind

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez: “Here in Nicaragua We’ve Lost our Fear”

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez
Carlos F. Chamorro

“The people are creating change.” The Nicaraguan Bishops propose guidelines for inclusive principles and values to support the country’s reconstruction

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