Lucia Pineda

Nicaraguan journalist and former political prisoner Lucia Pineda Ubau was selected as one of the five winners of the 2019[...]

Nicaragua Army

Since the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS presented its preliminary report on Nicaragua in May of 2018,[...]


Disarming and demobilizing the paramilitary that participated in the killing of hundreds of people since the beginning of the April[...]

The Mafia

In recent days, the Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa published a report that neatly portrays how the members of the governing[...]

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy sent a letter to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States[...]

The Matagalpa diocese denounced governing party sympathizers for their disrespect in one of their churches.   At the time this happened[...]


Nicaraguans exiled in Costa Rica, due to the political persecution of the Government of Daniel Ortega, distrust the offer of[...]

As far back as she can remember, Ana Cecilia Hooker has handcrafted and sold jewelry and house decorations. “I would[...]

Economic Crisis

“The most difficult element for any investor is uncertainty. Every investment requires a time period for generating wealth. Without private[...]


Spain’s Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, an open and harsh critic of the regime of Daniel Ortega, will become the EU’s[...]