Why is the Ortega-Murillo regime persecuting the Nicaragua flag?

Juan Carlos Bow

The National Police illegally seizes plastic flags for supposedly including a rainbow that resembles a paving stone barricade, a symbol of protest

Belarus protests: Is there a resemblance to Nicaragua?


The case of Nadzeya, a Belarusian woman who protested against dictator Alexander Lukashenko, shows the similarities between the two regimes

Court Approves Trump’s Right to Deport TPS Beneficiaries


U.S Court of Appeals validated Trump’s right to end Temporary Protective Status, a program that has given asylum to over 400,000 immigrants

Diaspora Organizations Unite in the Struggle Against the Ortega Regime

Ivette Munguía

Nicaraguans in the diaspora attempt to define a common agenda to allow them greater international impact

Michelle Bachelet says “No Progress” on Human Rights in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

Bachelet denounces the constant threats, intimidation and assassination, while Daniel Ortega’s government continues to allow impunity.

Jurist Sonia Picado: “I Was Struck by the Ortega Regime’s Cruelty”

Cindy Regidor

Interview with a former judge on the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and member of the Court of Conscience on Sexual Violence in Nicaragua

UNAN-Leon Fires 15 Professors for Disloyalty to Ortega

Ivette Munguía

The professors dismissed from the Dentistry School had competed in the election of representatives for the teachers’ union

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