Corn Island Has No Means of Dealing with Serious Covid-19 Cases

The only internist at the hospital is not on the island, because he was transferred to Bluefields, and there is no one to operate respirators

Citizen’s Observatory: 2087 Deaths from COVID-19 in Nicaragua

Increase in suspected cases of COVID-19

Independent monitoring of the pandemic reports an 8% increase in suspected cases of COVID-19, with 540 new cases in a 7-day period

Ortega Levies “Illegal and Immoral” Taxes on Ventilators and Masks to prevent Covid-19

Taxes on Ventilators
Yader Luna

COSEP reports VAT charge: tax expert Julio Francisco Baez: Government violates the Constitution and contravenes the World Customs Organization and WHO

Nicaraguan doctors Demand Covid-19 Prevention and Real Data

Nicaragua medical associations issue their third public message, this time without signatures to avoid legal accusations, firings or other reprisals

Photo Gallery: Nicaraguans’ Frustrated Odyssey to Return Home Amid Covid-19

Return Home Amid Covid-19

Over a thousand Nicaraguans are still stranded in Panama for lack of permission to return to Nicaragua.

Sandinista Pediatrician who Complained of Mask Profiteering Dies from Covid-19

Sandinista Pediatrician, médico sandinista

Doctor Marlon Jose Soza Chavarria, 49, died in Managua’s “Monte Espana” Hospital. The Catholic diocese warns: “the doctors are unprotected.”

Michelle Bachelet Denounces Using Pandemic to Repress Free Speech and Information

Michelle Bachelet
Yader Luna

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights warns that denying the impact of COVID-19 only “intensifies its seriousness”

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