PAHO Urges the Nicaraguan Gov. to Allow Access to the Covid-19 Deceased

Covid-19 Deceased
Ivette Munguía

“It is very important that families have access (with protective measures) to their loved ones,” says PAHO Director of Emergencies

Costa Rica and Nicaragua: a Border Drawn by Covid-19

Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Along the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, communities used to interact effortlessly. What’s it like to live along that area now?

Covid-19 in Nicaragua’s North Caribbean: “The Indigenous Population is Helpless”

Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast

Pandemic hits the North Caribbean Autonomous Region hard, where more than half of those infected have died

Switzerland: Sanctions are “a Message of Respect for Human Rights”

Switzerland Sanctions
Carlos F. Chamorro

Mirko Giulieti: sanctions against six officials are not against Nicaragua and don't affect cooperation; Switzerland does not want “dirty” money

PAHO: Nicaragua Is the Only C. A. Country with No Covid-19 Test Reports

“All Central American countries are reporting their data on a daily basis, with the exception of Nicaragua, alerts PAHO’s advocacy manager for Covid-19

The First Step of a United Opposition in Nicaragua

Carlos F. Chamorro

Amid much hope, the Coalition is just taking its first steps and must still resolve differences and reservations predating its founding.

Switzerland Sanctions Six of Daniel Ortega’s Functionaries

Switzerland imposes “selective sanctions” against six high officials of the Ortega regime, all accused of human rights violations in Nicaragua

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