Two years before his reelection as president in 2007, when he was the leader of the opposition, I interviewed Ortega[...]

Medardo Mairena is confined to “El Infiernillo” [Little Hell], a maximum-security prison within the penitentiary known as El Modelo in Tipitapa, near the[...]

The Government of Costa Rica condemned the violent demonstrations, speeches and the calls of hatred against Nicaraguans in their country,[...]


Burying the iron dictatorship of Jorge Ubico in Guatemala (1931-1944), whose slave pits were immortalized by the Guatemalan writer Manuel[...]

Aretha Franklin, the young gospel star who became the “queen of soul”, passed away on Thursday in Detroit at the[...]


It was September 1978, and the Somoza dynasty was on its deathbed in Nicaragua, with a bloody repression condemned the[...]

Daniel Ortega’s Government has declared the presence of a Working Group for Nicaragua created by the Permanent Council of the[...]

The initial hearing in the trial of Medardo Mairena, Pedro Mena and Silvio Pineda, leaders of the Peasant Movement, accused[...]

On Sunday, at eleven in the morning, the Saint Michael the Archangel Parrish is so full it could burst. Parishioners[...]

Daniel Ortega

The Executive’s proposal to issue 9.035 billion Cordobas (over $280 million USD) in Bonds, and to request the creation of[...]