Brazil Rejects Amnesty in Nicaragua to the Murderer of Rayneia Lima

Brazilian Med Student

Brazil “reiterates to the Government of Nicaragua the need to immediately restore all citizen guarantees of a full rule of law"

Nicaraguan University Cancels Graduation to Avoid Homage to Murdered Brazilian Student

The university notified graduates by telephone that the graduation ceremony had been canceled due to a technical problem at the Ruben Darío Theater.

Nicaragua: My Disillusionment with the FSLN

  • Ricardo Zambrana
  •  27 de julio 2019

“The evidence that blames the Ortega-Murillo regime for the massacre, torture, injustice and repression is overwhelming and everyone is aware of it”

Police Repress Protests in Several Cities of Nicaragua

There was violence and illegal detentions. They threw tear gas and stunner canisters and shot marbles with slingshots.

Ortega: The Peace of the Graves

Enrique Sáenz

The theater of the negotiating table was a ruse to save time, weather the storm and maneuver to change the correlation of forces.

The Myths that Hound Us in Nicaragua

Let’s bet on changes, but not make the mistake of believing that, in months, we will change our political culture and government system.

Paramilitary who Killed Brazilian Med Student Set Free in Nicaragua

Brazilian Med Student

Diplomatic sources warn that the Brazilian government will strongly protest the release of the murderer.

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