Yubrank’s Dance and the Spirit of Nicaragua

“This young man reminds the people of Nicaragua that the struggle continues, and that what is dreadful, worse than the prison where he was kept”

Brandon and Glen: “The Police Killed Nicaraguan Journalist Angel Gahona”

Brandon and Glen
Yader Luna

They remained almost thirteen months in prison, for a crime they did not commit, while the murder of the journalist continues in impunity.

Ortega’s Coup d’etat in Nicaragua

Ortega’s Coup d’etat
Enrique Sáenz

What is this modus vivendi? A way of life worse than a state of siege, in which the population is submitted to an arbitrariness that knows no law.

The German Solidarity with Nicaragua Movement writes their government

US Sanctions Four Top Ortega Officials in Nicaragua

OFAC punishes the President of the Assembly, Minister of Transportation, Director of Telcor and the Minister of Health

Nicaragua: “Sanctions Are the Only Language that Ortega and Murillo Understand”

Carlos F. Chamorro

Protests in Nicaragua Demanding the Release of the Remaining Political Prisoners


“The government hopes to deceive the international community. They want to leave these political prisoners as common criminals”.

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