Carter Center calls Ortega’s decision: “An attack on the international community”

U.S. organization laments “the decision to ignore a key component of Nicaragua’s own electoral law.”

A Nicaraguan who Advises Republicans

A commentator for networks such as CNN, ABC and Telemundo, she worked to stop the deportation of thousands of Nicaraguans residing in the US

Ortega Reduced the FSLN to Nothing More Than a Family

Arlen Cerda

“There is no Congress, but a meeting where everybody raises their hand because Ortega has thrown out anyone who escaped his leash,” says Baltodano

Nicaragua’s Unconventional Mothers

Three Nicaraguan women tell us how they have lived their motherhood, breaking the rules, within their own contexts

Brazil Cuts Funding for Nicaragua’s Tumarin Hydropower Plant

Federal authorities investigate corruption allegations at Queiroz Galbao Group and Electrobras, which own 90% of Tumarin.

Nicaragua and the Me Generation

Study reveals that post-revolution youth has moved away from politics to embrace causes linked to personal development and the spiritual world

The “Nobel prize for water” scientist

Pedro Alvarez directs the Nanosystems Engineering Research Center on Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment at Rice University

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