Increase of Official Disinformation Seeks “to Generate Fear and Control” in Nicaragua

Official Disinformation

Amid official silence, a wave of fake news about journalists and media outlets critical of the Government has been spread on social networks

Five Former Health Ministers Agree: “Nicaragua at Extreme Risk” from the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nicaragua at Extreme Risk
Yader Luna

Letter sent to the WHO and PAHO denounces the lack of actions and transparency from the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo

Spiderman and the Army of Underemployed Hurt by Covid-19 in Nicaragua

Underemployed Covid-19

More than 1.5 million underemployed Nicaraguans struggle to make it during the Covid-19 pandemic

Nicaraguan Health Workers: Covid-19 Infections in Government Laboratories

Nicaraguan Health Workers

Ministry of Health tests its workers for Covid-19, but doesn’t give them the results, “only isolates them.”

Nicaragua’s Secret Strategy to Beat Covid-19

  • Circles Robinson
  •  10 de mayo 2020

The Ortega strategy now includes, almost no testing, no reports on positive cases

More than 540 Doctors Warn: “It’s Still Possible to Carry Out Mitigation Actions”

mitigation actions

Health professionals demand government actions against Covid-19 to contain the pandemic in Nicaragua

Epidemiologists in Nicaragua: “Signs of Community Transmission”

Community Transmission

Although the Government denies it, independent doctors maintain that the country has already entered the phase of local transmission of Covid-19

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