Nicaragua in the Panama Papers

Arlen Cerda

Many businesspeople and companies were involved in the creation of offshore companies and foundations

An Electoral Calendar Tailored to Ortega

Roberto Rivas issues the call to elections and presents his “associates”

The trees of my city

Gioconda Belli’s song ”to the green future of the exiled trees”

From Somoza to Ortega: Manifesto Demands Free Elections in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Invests $80 Million in 50 Russian Tanks

National Assembly denies knowledge of any loans. Defense expert calls it “an irresponsible waste.”

Nicaragua: Blessed, “prospered” and dry

Gioconda Belli

The lack of state policies is the dark side underneath the “rosy propaganda”

A Nicaraguan canal is not a “field of dreams”

Marcha campesina

A groups of experts warn that the changing patterns of international trade hinder the promotion of the Canal as a viable project

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