A group of Nicaraguans living in New York joined the call of the Blue and White National Unity to sing[...]

Civic Alliance

The lack of compliance by the government with the agreements reached at the negotiating table, between the Civic Alliance and[...]

Repression continues

Less than 24 hours after the regime of Daniel Ortega committed itself to respect civil and political rights of Nicaraguans,[...]

Elections in Nicaragua

The demand to advance the general elections as an alternative peaceful solution to the sociopolitical crisis in Nicaragua is the[...]


The dictatorship headed by Daniel Ortega agreed on Friday, March 29, to reaffirm the nation’s constitutional rights and citizens’ liberties,[...]

Exile in Costa Rica

On the eighth of each month, exiles from the Nicaraguan city of Jinotepe in Costa Rica remember the atrocious attack[...]

Sanchez Sisters

On her knees in a preventive holding cell at the infamous El Chipote interrogation jail, Yolanda Sanchez Moraga thought about[...]

Political Prisoners

The political negotiation in Nicaragua between the Civic Alliance opposition and the Ortega government once again at an impasse. This[...]


To retain his grip on state power, Ortega is deploying a strategy on multiple fronts. The negotiation table is just[...]

Agricultural Cycle

The onset of the rainy season in May-June and with it the agricultural cycle is “just around the corner”. However,[...]