The private sector should intensify their use of the means at their disposal to increase pressure on the regime, risking[...]

Ernesto Cardenal

Old poems written by Ernesto Cardenal have gained new life. His writing about a bloody dictatorship seem to have been[...]


The killings by police and armed thugs hired by Nicaragua’s government have reached an average of three a day in[...]

Fire in BLÜ Nicaragua, Radio Activa, Click and TiquetEra. Cortesy | Confidencial

In two hours, fire devoured a small complex of businesses that Nicolas Bolanos and his partners and friends took fifteen[...]

Sergio Ramirez

The National Dialogue seems to be taking place in a rarified world, at a crawl that exasperates those who are[...]

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo regime is turning to paramilitary groups to repress Nicaragua civic rebellion (which on June 18th[...]

It’s true that since you began governing your communications policy has been characterized by that saying: “if you repeat a[...]


Ana Damaris Mojica feared it would all end badly. But now, her baby is a day old. It doesn’t know[...]

Four Premises

In the solitude of his bunker in El Carmen -the enclave of the State-Party-Family-, President Daniel Ortega took five days[...]


It seemed like a Christmas or New Year’s party among the kids of the east side of Managua, neighborhoods known[...]