Three months ago I moved to Mexico due to the social and political crisis in Nicaragua. I live in the[...]

Sergio Ramirez

Officials of the Police Special Operations Department continue to illegally occupy the newsrooms of Confidencial and “Esta Semana” (This Week).[...]

Ortega’s Police Assaulted

In the style of common criminals, Nicaraguan Police agents waited until the darkness and loneliness of the late night and[...]


Less than 24 hours after the violent assault and looting of the newsrooms of the communication media outlets Confidencial and[...]

Around midnight on Thursday, the offices of CONFIDENCIAL, where the writing of an online daily newspaper, weekly magazine and the[...]

The pretense given to withdraw the legal status of the Managua based Communication Research Center (CINCO) is the culmination of[...]

The cancellation of the legal non-profit status of nine Nicaraguan NGOs* (See full list at bottom) in the past few[...]

Faced with the worsening political, social and economic crisis, the private sector demanded on Wednesday that Daniel Ortega accept dialogue[...]


The offices of CONFIDENCIAL, where the newsroom of this weekly and online news site and the television shows Esta Semana[...]

Nicaraguan Army

The letter sent last week by the Blue and White National Unity (UNAB) to the Chief of the Nicaraguan Army,[...]