More war than peace

  • John Andrews
  •  15 de febrero 2016

The graph of deaths from conflict will keep trending upwards, mocking the world’s diplomats, peacemakers, and pretensions to humanity

Nicaragua: “A transparent judicial system is important for investment”

Iván Olivares

“Investors look for countries where there is rule of law, transparency, a solid judicial system and efficient customs procedures”

Vaccines versus Superbugs

  • Jim O’Neill
  •  11 de febrero 2016

Vaccine development is a high-risk endeavor, with the vast majority of potential vaccines failing to reach the market

Amnesty International: Nicaragua Canal Sidelines Indigenous Peoples

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

“Trading on people’s basic human rights for the sake of money is not only morally questionable but also illegal,” it stated

Zika Virus Revives Abortion Debate in Nicaragua

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Martha María Blandón, from IPAS Nicaragua, questions the capacity to respond to the consequences caused by Zika

Nicaragua’s Unknown Ruben Dario

Dánae Vílchez

Nicaragua’s debt in this centennial anniversary

Building Bridges over the Persian Gulf


While the gulf between Iran and Saudi Arabia runs deep, pragmatic cooperation on issues like Yemen can help to build bridges

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