For Nicaraguans April Never Ended

Lesther Alemán

This awakening was not about ideologies, but for the country and against a common adversary: the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.

Monsignor Baez: “Nicaragua is being Crucified and will be Resurrected”

Monsignor Baez
Juan Carlos Bow

The bishop calls on Nicaragua’s Catholic faithful not to be “indifferent to the victims” of the country’s socio-political crisis.

My Eternal April, and that of Nicaragua

Eternal April
  • Ana Siu
  •  16 de abril 2019

“I have never felt so close to death like that afternoon, the day of the Mothers’ March,” she recalls.

Nicaraguan Small Business Lenders Losing Clients Big Time

Small Business

Microfinance companies posted losses of 29.5 million dollars in 2018, a 334% reduction compared to 2017

Easter Week Tourism in Nicaragua, Not this Year!

Maynor Salazar

The crisis of continued violence and lawlessness is suffocating tourism. Hotels, restaurants and rental homes lie empty while more businesses close

The Return of Somoza to Nicaragua

“It has been almost a year since Ortega-Murillo launched their fury against an unarmed people, but the wounds continue open and are still bleeding”

Civic Alliance: Ortega Falsely Pretends that Dialogue Advances

Nicaragua Dialogue Fails

“They are not fulfilling anything,” denounces Juan Sebastian Chamorro, referring to the two agreements signed in Managua.

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