Music Made from Exile: The Life of Three Nicaraguan Artists

Music Made from Exile

Three Nicaraguan artists tell us in first person what it is like to make music in exile. They left the country to protect their lives

Police Chief Fidel Dominguez Tortures and Humiliates Family

Torture as State Policy, Police Chief Fidel Dominguez
Ivette Munguía

Police Chief Fidel Dominguez and his agents raided the house without a warrant, assaulted the residents and recorded them “apologizing” to the Ortega

The Example of Father Edwin Roman

Father Edwin Roman, Priest Edwing Roman, Christmas in Nicaragua
Edgar Tijerino

Jesus Christ expects a church that demonstrates being on the side of the unprotected, that doesn’t fear criticism, that recognizes its sins

Alvaro Conrado, Symbol of the Nicaraguan Rebellion, Honored at his High School

Alvaro Conrado

His classmates decided to dedicate this graduation to their murdered peer. On top of their caps, as a tribute, they placed a drawing of Alvaro Conrado

“I’m back to do journalism from here in Nicaragua”

carlos f chamorro
Carlos F. Chamorro

I’m also here to demand the suspension of the illegal confiscation of Confidencial and the full restoration of democratic freedoms

Student Protests Ignite Nicaraguan Universities

University Students, Student Protests

Students at three universities demonstrate within their campuses against the regime of Daniel Ortega. Photos by Carlos Herrera

Gioconda Belli’s Questions for Rosario Murillo

hate speech of Rosario Murillo, Rosario Murillo Hate Rhetoric, my questions for Rosario Murillo
Gioconda Belli

Do you want to go down in history like Margaret Thatcher, who let IRA members in prison die during a hunger strike?

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