Nicaragua Negotiations

Following five discussion sessions and amid the distrust of Nicaraguan citizens, the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship and the Civic Alliance approved the[...]

Political Prisoners

Attorney Yonarqui Martinez’ voice quavers when she speaks of the trial of Dillon Ramos, the student from Matagalpa who abandoned[...]


It has been a month since Juan Guaidó, president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, declared that he assumed the[...]

Youngest Victims

It’s been ten months since the last time that Richard Pavon Bermudez, Carlos Alberto Bonilla, and Alvaro Conrado woke up[...]

Caribbean Coast

The March 3rd regional elections on the Caribbean Coast repeated the same irregularities that have characterized elections during the Ortega[...]


The Nicaraguan Bishops’ Conference (CEN) revealed on Monday – when the fourth day of negotiations between the dictatorship and the[...]

“The main power that the Civic Alliance has is to get up from the table if Ortega tries to prolong[...]

We are at the threshold of negotiations between representatives of the Civic Alliance and Daniel Ortega. It is no longer[...]

The Police encircled the demonstration held by a group of students on the campus of the private Central American University[...]

Hernaldo Zuniga

Hernaldo Zuniga knows every detail of the horror that has torn Nicaragua apart since April 2018 and knows that during[...]