“We Won’t Accept Daniel Ortega’s Unilateral Reforms”

“Strengthen the dialogue between the National Unity and the Civic Alliance” recommends Granera, who urges international organizations to assist.

Carlos F. Chamorro Meets with Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno

Ecuadorian President says his government will maintain its support to implement the OAS resolution, of Medellin, against the regime of Daniel Ortega.

USA Ups Pressure on Maduro with Total Assets Embargo

Guaido says that US action “seeks to protect Venezuelans.” USA argues: usurpation of power and violations of human rights.

Gioconda Belli: “Let’s Aim for Unity in Action”

We need an “Action Committee” to which the coordination of the actions of the different movements and organizations is assigned.

Nicaragua: Government Repression Targets Defense Lawyers

Ivette Munguía

Lawyers for both current and released political prisoners have been targets of police harassment.

Nicaraguan Doctors Demand Reintegration of 400 Dismissed Medical Staff

The massive police deployment failed to prevent a small group of doctors and health workers from gathering to protest.

Ortega Scraps National Dialogue for Negotiating Reforms with Allies

The Civic Alliance will continue to press for free and transparent elections to achieve a peaceful resolution to the country’s socio-political crisis.

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