There was a time, the time I come from, when being a Sandinista meant putting your life on the line.[...]

The moments that have marked the civic protests that began since April will remain immortalized in the Memory Lane and[...]


Probably, many Nicaraguans from younger generations ignore that until a few decades ago most of the Latin American countries were[...]

Edison Lanza, Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), had a tight schedule[...]

A simple “thank you” to PEN Germany for this award seems somehow inadequate to me. Sometimes the words in our[...]

Ligia Gómez

On September 27, four Nicaraguan citizens – Julio Martinez Ellsberg, George Henriquez, Manuel Orozco and Ligia Gomez – appeared before[...]

The orders that Rosario Murillo, acting as the FSLN’s national chief, sent to her political secretaries in public institutions of[...]


The Mothers of April Association, made up of mothers and relatives of the victims of the police and paramilitary repression[...]


The regime of Daniel Ortega presented the “official” proposal of the “State Policy for a Culture of Peace and Reconciliation,”[...]

The Prosecution accused rural leaders Medardo Mairena, Pedro Mena, Luis Pineda Icabalceta and Silvio Saul Pineda of receiving financing from[...]