The Fosters and Their Initiative for Nicaragua

  • Monica Garcia Peralta
  •  12 de junio 2019

USA 4 Nica: The story of how an actor, known for his role as a zombie apocalypse survivor, and his anesthesiologist wife, born in Nicaragua.

Key Nicaraguan Protest Leaders Released from Prison


The released include peasant leaders, student and citizen protest leaders, ex-military men and journalists Miguel Mora and Lucia Pineda.

Ortega Releases 50 Political Prisoners under His Self-Amnesty Law


Among the ex-prisoners are Chester Membreño, Victoria Obando, Hansel Vasquez, Marlon Powell and Gabriel Potoy.

Silence, While Nicaragua Screams

  • Maria Xavier Gutierrez
  •  10 de junio 2019

For half a year I haven’t written anything, and there is so much to say about my country, that I cannot find the first word to narrate the massacre.

What’s Ahead for Nicaragua after Ortega’s Self-Amnesty

Carlos F. Chamorro

The call for truth and justice and an International Commission against Impunity and Corruption is inseparable from the demand for free elections.

Ortega Dictates a Law of Self-Amnesty in Nicaragua

Self-Amnesty in Nicaragua

Relatives of the political prisoners and victims reject it. UN: “Amnesties for serious violations of human rights are prohibited by international law”.

Nicaragua: “Under Your Ashes”, a Song About Loss and Hope

Bruno Cortina composed a song about mourning and loss, but in the end offers a hopeful message that reflects what is happening in Nicaragua.

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