The Human Miseries of Ortega

Enrique Sáenz

Human miseries are those condemned to the garbage dump of history

New Charges Fabricated against Nicaraguan Demonstrators and Released Prisoners

“They want to add other charges just to harm us more,” complains Bryan Aleman, released political prisoner.

“Curly”: an Anonymous Hero of Nicaragua’s Civic Rebellion

Amid the flying bullets from the repression, he transported the wounded on his motorcycle. He witnessed the death of Francisco Reyes and Matt Romero

Nicaragua: My Good Friday in a Bad Prison

I told [journalist] Miguel Mora what I’ve told several political prisoners: Miguel, the dictators think that by locking you up, they win.

Nicaragua: Ortega Tries to Stop Sanctions

Ortega calls “human misery” those who ask for international sanctions against his regime, accused of committing crimes against humanity.

A Radio Station in Nicaragua that Survives its Destruction

Represión León

More than 400,000 dollars in losses after fire and assault which occurred a year ago.

Ortega Backtracks on Agreements in Nicaragua Talks

Ivette Munguía

He wants to release prisoners discretionally, asks for amnesty, and that a request be made to suspend international sanctions.

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