Coup to the Economy

The package of fiscal and Social Security reforms imposed by the Government, hoping to raise tax collection, faces a unanimous[...]

Inside Ortega’s Jailcells

The cellphone flashlights blinded Miguel Mora. The deputies from the European Parliament had illuminated the cell to locate the imprisoned[...]


The World Economic Forum celebrated as a “success” story the fact that Nicaragua occupies fifth place on the list of[...]

Nelly Roque

Amid the flying bullets of several police attacks in Matagalpa, the voices of young people calling for Nelly Roque could[...]


Salvadorans will elect a new president this Sunday, with Nayib Bukele, candidate of the GANA-New Ideas party, as the favorite[...]

Dictatorship in Nicaragua

Like so many in my generation, I was marked by the military coup in Chile (1973) with the direct involvement[...]

Economic Collapse

Each day that passes without the country reaching a political agreement, the economy becomes more depressed. Each time that a[...]


Fernando Zamora, general secretary of Costa Rica’s National Liberation Party – the movement that promoted the expulsion of the Sandinista[...]

Alex Vanegas

The authorities of the Nicaraguan Penitentiary System explicitly banned exercise for the imprisoned veteran marathon runner Alex Vanegas, famous for[...]


Last weekend, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro went to Fort Paracamay, in the country’s north, to oversee and take part in[...]