Court of Conscience: “State of Nicaragua committed crimes against humanity”

daniel ortega, stop ortega

In today's news report: Channel 12 faces an embargo, repression against independent media has escalated and justice finally arrived in El Salvador

Court of Conscience Finds Ortega Regime Guilty of Torture

Cindy Regidor

The court concluded that the regime was involved in crimes against humanity, specifically sexual abuse and rape.

Ortega’s Police Seize Another TV Station

Ivette Munguía

Channel 12 sources warn of “political retaliation” from the Ortega government for maintaining an independent editorial line.

Renewed Anti-Ortega Graffiti Reflects “Coordinated” Strategy

Keyling T. Romero

Sociologist Sergio Cabrales: Protest is a means of political change. The leadership should offer alternatives for a way out.

Catholic Priest Expelled & Farm School Closed in Nicaragua

Ana Lucía Cruz

Clergy confirm cancellation of residency of Colombian priest Luis Carrillo and the closure of a Catholic Church Agriculture School

The unpunished femicide of Darys Mora, the deepest wound of a cross border town

María Fernanda Cruz*

A forgotten community between Costa Rica and Nicaragua found her strangled and covered in banana leaves. In the village, fear and pain persist

Michael Healy: “We Won’t Negotiate with the Government”

Michael Healy
Iván Olivares

The new president of Cosep says he’s against re-election and will only serve his three-year mandate.

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