Archdiocese of Managua: “The Right to Live Freely has been Lost”

Archdiocese of Managua

Economic policies are not an “adequate response” to the crisis, values the Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of the Nicaraguan capital

Is Ortega’s Regime Really Worn Out?

Daniel Ortega
Fernando Bárcenas

Pedro X. Molina uses cartoons to comment on the political and social realities of Nicaragua

Pedro X. Molina
  • Teresa Mioli / Knight Center
  •  7 de noviembre 2019

Punishment Vote against Ruling Parties Spreads in Latin America

punishment vote
Carlos F. Chamorro

Expert analyzes elections in Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay: the trend is not an “ideological vote”

Nicaragua, Living Amidst So Many Fears

so many fears
Edgar Tijerino

Fear of leaving power is spine-chilling. Then there’s the fear that you can’t engage in dialogue anymore, because you have nothing to offer

Nicaraguan Mothers Demand Respect for Their Murdered Sons

Nicaraguan Mothers Demand Respect
Ivette Munguía

Fanatical supporters of Daniel Ortega continue profaning the graves of the assassinated protesters and harassing other victims of the repression

Daniel Ortega’s Secret Meeting with Trump’s Preacher

Secret Meeting
Juan Carlos Bow

Rosario Murillo complained about the US sanctions and their demand for early elections, and invited Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for a private visit

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