In the second poorest country of Latin America, it’s offensive, vulgar and disgusting to hear reporters, who in reality are[...]

Magaly Quintana Pereyra, director of the organization “Catholics for the Right to Decide”, suffered a sudden and fatal stroke on[...]

The newspaper La Prensa suffered a cyber-attack by hackers on the weekend who tried for more than 24 hours to[...]

In his most recent speech, Daniel Ortega ranted against his interlocutors of the Civic Alliance, at the so-called “negotiating table.”[...]

Bryan Aleman was rearrested by the police and transferred with violence to the Masaya police station on March 19th, four[...]

Amid the brutal repression from Daniel Ortega’s regime, anonymous heroes have emerged. One of them is a young rescuer with[...]

This time we arrived a little late to the Good Friday family visit at the El Modelo Prison. My sisters,[...]

The pretension of the regime of Daniel Ortega to get the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy to sign an[...]

Represión León

A bomb that exploded in the reception room of Radio Dario, located in the Department of Leon in western Nicaragua,[...]


The International witnesses of the national dialogue between the Civic Alliance and the Government of Daniel Ortega facilitated an agreement[...]