The Resistance of the Press in Nicaragua

Resistance of the Press
Carlos F. Chamorro

While persecuted by the dictatorship, independent journalism’s resistance keeps the flame of press freedom alive as the last reserve of a democracy

Three years after the Fire that Killed 41 Girls in Guatemala

Fire that Killed 41 Girls
  • Frauke Decoodt
  •  16 de marzo 2020

Stigmatization, criminalization and a lack of justice: at the end of 2019,15 surviving girls were accused for the deaths of their fellow “safe home"

Nicaragua Regime Separates Police Chief from Control of Pension System

Juan Carlos Bow

Bill separates police command from the Board of Directors of the Social Security and Human Development Institute and will be attached to the Presidency

Nicaragua Fails to Declare “Emergency” over Coronavirus

Ivette Munguía

Projection of mortality from Coronavirus proves that the Ministry of Health expects the most serious patients to merely “come to the hospitals to die"

Women Mobilized in Latin America; in Nicaragua They Were Besieged

Women Mobilized in Latin America

Thousands of women marched this March 8 and 9 in Latin America, while in Nicaragua the Police besieged and repressed any attempted demonstration

Rosario Murillo Calls for a Walk “Love in Times of Covid-19”

rosario Murillo calls for a walk
Juan Carlos Bow

The World Health Organization suggested just the opposite, avoiding mass crowds to prevent coronavirus, but the Ortega government calls for big rallies

Silence Weakens Protection against Coronavirus in Nicaragua

Protection against Coronavirus
Ivette Munguía

According to the Health Ministry’s document obtained by Confidencial, they project a possibility of “32,500 cases and 813 deaths”. Epidemiologist urges

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