Nicaragua Diseña

The Dominican designer Cenia Paredes, owner of the Cenia New York label, declined to participate in the fashion event known[...]

Political Prisoner

The Special Follow-Up Mechanism for Nicaragua (MESINI) estimates that Daniel Ortega’s Government has at least 400 political prisoners scattered throughout[...]

Since Daniel Ortega unleashed a brutal repression against the demonstrations demanding the end of his term, after eleven years of[...]


What does the April Movement in Nicaragua and the events it set off resemble? It resembles the 1968 Movement in[...]

The Struggle

I couldn’t avoid a smile as I read Fernando Barcenas’ ideas for reformulating the resistance to the Ortega regime in[...]

In her farewell speech, the now former US Ambassador in Nicaragua, Laura Dogu, warned of the risk for the reputation[...]


Ortega has been defeated. It’s a strategic defeat, one that’s clearly evident. But it’s a defeat that’s fundamentally occurring in[...]


Max Cruz Gutierrez was the victim of six bullets on October 8th. “The riot police and the paramilitaries shot him[...]

Political Prisoners

The authorities of “La Esperanza” (Hope) prison prevented a delegation from the Special Monitoring Mechanism for Nicaragua (MESENI, for its[...]

Byron Estrada

A lot of people cried the day they arrested Byron Estrada in Leon. The radio stations were deluged with calls.[...]