Murder of Med Student

The Brazilian Embassy in Nicaragua confirmed the murder of Brazilian citizen Rayneia Lima on Monday night, when she was returning[...]

The situation in Nicaragua as a result of the repressive actions of Daniel Ortega’s government is “alarming”. Up until now,[...]

“El Lobo” [“The wolf”] is wearing a mask from the historic play El Gueguense, which dates from the days of the Spanish[...]


The drums and the street hawkers were suddenly quiet as the funeral procession passed by. Rafael Palacios Aguilera, a 33-year-old[...]


Marco Novoa is the first Nicaraguan youth to publicly denounce the existence of a clandestine jail in which he was[...]

How do we respond to a president who declares war against all those that oppose him? A president who has[...]

The vicious attack launched this July 19th by commander Daniel Ortega against the Catholic church’s Episcopal Conference bishops was intended[...]


The old familiar revolutionary slogans were relegated to second place in the face of a new cry from the Sandinista[...]

In my opinion, Fidel would never have accepted political complicity in the face of the murders committed against an unarmed[...]


Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, soon to be officially beatified as a saint, demonstrated with his life his calling to “see[...]