Costa Rica to Consider Readmission of Stranded Nicaraguans

Stranded nicaraguans
Cindy Regidor

Costa Rican authorities explained to Confidencial the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Immigration authorities

The Culprits of the July 19th Killing in Esteli, Nicaragua

Killing in Esteli
Carlos F. Chamorro

Jorge Rugama was shot and killed by a Sandinista fanatic for yelling, in the name of all, “Long live a free Nicaragua” Will the country remain unmoved?

The FSLN’s Death Mark in the Rugama Rizo family

Rugama Rizo family
Juan Carlos Bow

Mother’s confirms: “My boy said to them: Long Live a Free Nicaragua!” Luisa Rizo narrates how her husband and her two sons have been killed by the FSLN

Ometepe Youth Group Continues to Challenge the Ortega Regime

Ometepe Youth
Nayira Valenzuela

20 young people remain in protests despite the police state of the Daniel Ortega regime. They make pints, stick stickers and explode bombs at dawn

Airlines Push Back Resumption of Flights to Nicaragua

Resumption of Flights

Aeromexico, United, Avianca, American and Copa will not resume operations until September, while Spirit plans to fly in mid-August

Nicaraguan Youth: Heroes or Villains?

Nicaraguan youth
Gioconda Belli

The youth of the April rebellion understood that activism is not enough to change history; to avoid being displaced, they must organize independently

Reopening of public schools in Nicaragua Despite Covid-19 Danger

Reopening of public schools
Ana Lucía Cruz

School attendance is low, and masks are obligatory, but there’s little control over physical distancing.

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