Costa Rica asks PAHO to Review Nicaragua’s “Reckless Management” of Covid-19

Costa Rican Congress complains: “we’re being exposed to the risk of contagion by the irresponsible attitude of the Nicaraguan leaders.”

Life in Nicaragua during the Pandemic: “Everyone for Themselves”

vida en Nicaragua durante la pandemia

Images of Covid-19 in the country include pick-up trucks from the Health Ministry carrying sealed coffins directly to the cemeteries

The Risk in Nicaragua for Health Professionals facing Covid-19

Elthon Rivera Cruz

If we want to keep our health heroes in the hospitals, so that they do not resign, we must be agents of change, we must support their requests

Authoritarianism, Populism & Democracy in Times of Pandemic

Elvira Cuadra

Between Ortega’s antiquated authoritarianism and Bukele’s millennial version, we have variations on the theme from Guatemala and Honduras

Dennis Martinez: Promoting Sporting Events Amid the Pandemic is “Absurd”

sporting events

The former Major League Baseball star pitcher heads international solidarity campaign for the protection of health personnel in Nicaragua

Official Silence on the Pandemic

official silence coronavirus pandemic in Nicaragua
Carlos F. Chamorro

There is a criminal conspiracy to weaken Covid-19’s main prevention effort to save lives

Hospital España, a Covid-19 Hot Spot in Chinandega, Nicaragua

Covid-19 Hot Spot
Juan Carlos Bow

About twenty doctors and Health personnel have been infected with the new coronavirus, most of whom were sent to their homes

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