Puntos de venta es el nombre con que se conoce a los sistemas para usar el dinero plástico. Su empleo proliferó entre comerciantes informales. Foto: Joskar Armas

Venezuela is experiencing a crisis which has forced its inhabitants to rethink the way they spend money in their own[...]


A day after Luis Almagro proposed to suspend Venezuela from the Organization of American States (OAS), claiming that Nicolas Maduro’s[...]

Rodolfo Arelllano sings as he paints. He positions his wheelchair beside a window in the corner where the breeze from[...]

“The teen girls were being punished for extortion. The girls had sharp objects hidden in their hair. We exhausted our[...]


Some five thousand women marched in Managua on March 8, coming together from several parts of the country in commemoration[...]


HAVANA TIMES – Vilma Trujillo, a young woman from a remote rural community of the North Atlantic Region of Nicaragua,[...]

When President Ortega speaks, the independent media must keep quiet. That seems to be the premise for spreading government speeches[...]

bienes raíces

The real estate business maintains stable growth in Nicaragua, with each sector selling at a different rate, depending on the[...]


The body of Vilma Trujillo Garcia, burnt in a fire on February 21st by religious fanatics, was transferred yesterday to[...]

March number 86 which the farmers of the anti-canal movement held on Thursday morning in the community of El Tule,[...]