Until last March, the Chinandega Maracuya Company (Chimaco) Project was the crown jewel of PRONicaragua, the government’s investment promotion agency,[...]

They just appear. Very rarely does anyone see who is doing them. They have no signatures. No one claims authorship.[...]

For supporting anti-government marches in her locality, the Ministry of Education of Nicaragua (MINED) fired Veronica Martinez Suarez, a high[...]

Entierro estudiante UNAN

Nicaragua must end killings of demonstrators and seek a political solution in wake of ‘absolutely shocking’ death toll: “UN chief”[...]


The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) on Thursday formed the “working group” that is supposed to[...]


In his three roles as president of the republic, FSLN party leader, and head of his family, Daniel Ortega still[...]

Three moments since April 18 have strongly marked Silvio Jose Baez, the auxiliary bishop of Managua and one of Nicaragua’s[...]

Despite Daniel Ortega’s request, Pope Francis did not receive Nicaraguan foreign minister Denis Moncada last week in the Vatican. The[...]

Cristian Fajardo Caballero and Maria Peralta Cerrato, members of the April 19th Movement in Masaya, were arrested last July 23 at[...]

The crisis in the country has already caused some 215,000 people to lose their jobs according to a study from[...]