Judge Edgar Altamirano, head of the Ninth District Penal court in Managua, (one of Daniel Ortega’s loyal and obedient judges[...]

Political Prisoners

Nicaraguan business leaders Roberto Zamora, Carlos Pellas, Ramiro Ortiz, Juan B. Sacasa and Jose Antonio Baltodano, all representatives of “big[...]

Public Employees

A tall, thin man with a resonant voice walks through a room full of Ministry of Education (Mined) employees. He[...]


A meeting without previously warning the public, of the dictator Daniel Ortega with “representative” businessmen of the sector (I cannot[...]

Daniel Ortega

Authorities of the United States Government announced that the sanctions imposed on the company “Petroleos de Venezuela” (Petroleum of Venezuela),[...]


Wealthy British businessman and philanthropist Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, announced that on February 22 a concert will[...]

The European Parliament stepped-up its tone of voice this past week towards the government of Daniel Ortega. It warned that[...]

The regime of Daniel Ortega held a closed-door meeting with “representative entrepreneurs” from the private sector to “address important issues[...]

During the cold war Latin American gorillas murdered, disappeared and imprisoned -in the name of anti-communism- citizens subjugated under their[...]


This piece is based on my personal experience only. I’m not a psychologist, and if any of those who read[...]