Confirmation of the Organization of American State’s intention to send a small electoral observation team for Nicaragua’s November 5th local elections[...]

Cultivos de palma africana en los llanos de Makantaka. Foto: Michelle Carrere.

The African palm production company, Agrodesarrollo S.A. has violated environmental norms intended to protect Nicaragua’s natural resources according to an investigation carried[...]


Every day we read about the marvels that are coming to Managua to alleviate the blockages and traffic jams: overpasses,[...]


The Nicaraguan government published the so-called “White Paper on the Great Interoceanic Canal” last week, amidst uncertainty for the future[...]


Both the President of Nicaragua and the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA) have maintained silence regarding Presidential[...]

Dressed in red, smiling and to a chorus of Tino Lopez Guerra’s “Nicaragua Mia.” Norma Helena Gadea made her reappearance onstage,[...]

Bianca Jagger attributes Comandante Ortega’s insistence on the disastrous project of an inter-oceanic canal to a “delusion of grandeur” on the part[...]

Virginia Paguaga’s mission is to knock down the barriers that have been imposed between different art forms. Her project “Videopoetica”[...]


WASHINGTON, DC – In many, if not most, US administrations, some figure emerges who convinces the press that the president[...]


Jose Perez Flores arrived in the municipality of La Fonseca from his community of El Limon at 9:50 am. Impatient to participate in this,[...]