Nicaragua: The Children of Ortega’s Political Prisoners

  •  7 de junio 2019

Even a Cemetery Is Fair Ground to Harass a Victim’s Relatives in Ortega’s Nicaragua

The family of a young man killed during the protests reported with videos the harassment of the National Police that came to photograph them.

The Last Hostages of the Ortega-Murillo Dictatorship

Ortega-Murillo Dictatorship

The dictatorship refuses to free many of the political prisoners that led the protests or have become symbols of the rebellion.

Venezuela-Nicaragua-El Salvador Money Laundering Network Exposed


The Salvadoran Prosecutor’s Office recently raided Alba Petróleos as part of an investigation of 27 companies run by José Luis Merino.

The 3rd Journalist Held in Nicaragua as a Political Hostage of Ortega

Journalist Held in Nicaragua
Juan Carlos Bow

Accused of terrorism, arson, aggravated robbery and obstructing public services to the detriment of the State, he is in prison since March 7.

Nicaragua: Ortega Faces Key Deadlines in June

Juan Carlos Bow

Political analysts believe that the dictatorship will come out weakened or will have to make concessions on thus far non-negotiable issues.

Political Risk in Nicaragua is “Extremely High”, says the Economist

Political Risk
Juan Carlos Bow

Land takeovers are “aimed at undermining the national adversaries”. They discount the possibility that Ortega would risk expropriating foreigners.

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