Carlos Vives

The highly popular Columbian musician Carlos Vives cancelled his scheduled Managua concert aimed at “raising money” for the National Zoo.[...]


Nicaraguan journalist Miguel Mora and Spanish MEP Ramon Jauregui Atondo spoke for half an hour in a cell of the[...]

A group of female political prisoners of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship has promised resistance from the “La Esperanza” (Hope) women’s prison,[...]

This past Friday, January 25, Nicaragua’s Permanent Human Rights Commission (CPDH) denounced the fact that more than a hundred of[...]

A mission of European Parliament members (MEPs) concluded their fact-finding visit to Nicaragua on Saturday afternoon by holding a press[...]

The Nicaraguan private sector on Thursday demanded the National Police to withdraw “immediately” the public accusation in which it accuses[...]


The statements from high-level representatives of the current Mexican government announcing their willingness to serve as mediators in the Nicaraguan[...]

The Nicaraguan private sector will hold an emergency meeting to determine their course of action, given the announcement that the[...]

Militarizes Managua

The Ortega regime filled the roundabouts and main avenues of Managua with police and riot police, fearing that citizens would[...]

Ruben Blades

“Breathe, don’t be quiet!” This phrase, amid hectic, tired sighs, closes the latest number by Ruben Blades, a Panamanian singer[...]