Ortega Continues to Veto the Bishops


The Civic Alliance demands the CEN be incorporated as “witnesses, companions and advisers”, but the Government rejects bishops.

The Power of the Alliance: “To Get Up from the Table”

The talks resumed on Monday, without having defined the “roadmap” for dialogue.

Ortega’s Motives for Negotiations in Nicaragua

Enrique Sáenz

Why is Ortega starting these negotiations? Why now and not before?

Police Lay Siege to Student Demonstration in Nicaragua

Police surrounded the campus of the Central American University (UCA), rubber bullets were shot.

Singer Hernaldo Zuniga Cries Out for His Nicaragua

Hernaldo Zuniga

The singer says he is “stuck” artistically because of the “suffering” caused by the crisis in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Talks Stalled in Initial Roadmap Stage


The third meeting ended on Friday afternoon, with another statement which continues to put on hold the approval of the so-called “roadmap.”

Regional Elections in Nicaragua: Between Mistrust and Abstention

Regional Elections

Ortega’s FSLN participates in alliance with six political organizations. The PLI leads a coalition with two movements.

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