With a frown of concern, Socorro Corrales invites us to quickly enter the house. “Come in! Come in! In front[...]

Massacred Children

Matt Andres Romero, 16 years old, and Alvaro Conrado, 15 years old, were in the same grade but in different[...]

Political Prisoner

It seemed that nothing could stop her. She got up from her chair, took the microphone and raised her voice.[...]

Three left-wing parties, with representation in the Dutch Parliament, warned Sandinista legislators that they are in “danger of becoming a[...]

Vandalic Granny

Why does a government that has more than 20,000 guardians of (dis)order—between the Police and the military—and several thousand paramilitaries[...]

Political Rights Disappearing

Women, men, adults, teenagers, children and the elderly. White, indigenous, mixed-race and Afro-descendants; Catholics, Protestants, agnostics and atheists. Nicaraguans and[...]

Nicaragua has become an unsafe country for any citizen who protests and makes use of the right to free expression.[...]


Nicaragua’s April uprising, largely spearheaded by university students, can be understood by comparing it to past student protests against the[...]


University leader Edwin Carcache Davile prayed an Our Father and a Hail Mary. The cameras of the official media outlets[...]


Xiamara Diaz juggles her resources in order to keep afloat her restaurant, the Garden Café, located in Granada. This city,[...]