Persecution against Journalists Continues Unabated in Nicaragua

persecution against journalists

Carlos Fernando Chamorro, Anibal Toruno and Sergio Leon denounce the harassment and persecution suffered by the independent press in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s Besieged El Nuevo Diario Newspaper Calls it Quits

el nuevo diario news paper

“Like the other national newspaper La Prensa, El Nuevo Diario has been subject to an arbitrary and illegal customs boycott” of the Ortega government

Miguel Mora and the Struggle for Press Freedom in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Journalists
Carlos F. Chamorro

The political prisoners are leaders with determination to struggle for public office through free elections

The Failure of the State of Siege in Nicaragua

state of siege in Nicaragua
Carlos F. Chamorro

The country needs more national and international pressure to bury the state of emergency. You cannot go to a free election under a state of siege

Nicaragua and the Arduous Path of the Civic Struggle

Civic Struggle
Silvio Prado

In Sudan, Algeria and Puerto Rico they cast out rulers turned into power remnants; in Hong Kong, Russia and Nicaragua, the struggle continues

Exiles Who Return to Nicaragua Suffer More Hardship

Return to Nicaragua, exiled
Ivette Munguía

Testimony from activists, journalists and political figures who’ve come back to continue the civic protest, but who now face persecution and harassment

The Latest Protests in Managua Challenged the Ortega Police State

Franklin Villavicencio

Neither the rain nor the Police managed to cancel the opposition call, which mutated from a march to four sit-ins in Managua

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