The 1st Point of the Dialogue is to Free the Political Prisoners

The first session is set for Wednesday 27. It is not yet known who the international guarantors will be.

Negotiations in Freedom, without Censorship and in the Streets

Carlos F. Chamorro

The self-convoked people cannot negotiate the exit of the dictator and early elections, under imprisonment, repression, censorship and persecution

Bachelet Condemns the “Criminalization of Dissent” in Nicaragua


The arrests "clearly make it difficult to create a favorable atmosphere for maintaining the genuine and inclusive dialogue that the government says it"

Ortega Agrees to Negotiate with the Civic Alliance

Civic Alliance
Maynor Salazar

He alleges that the economic crisis caused by the massacre is the result of an attempted “coup d’etat”.

The Objectives and Tactics of Daniel Ortega

Daniel Ortega
Enrique Sáenz

If forced to make concessions, Daniel Ortega will try to reduce them to the realization of elections, seasoned with cosmetic reforms.

Lesther Aleman Speaks on the Future of Nicaraguan Resistance

Lesther Aleman

Lesther Aleman, the student that confronted Ortega in the National Dialogue became one of the most visible faces of the civic protest.

Nicaragua: From University Students to Political Prisoners

Ten months after the social outbreak against the dictatorship, triggered by the students, more than 30 university activists are in jail.

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