The offices of CONFIDENCIAL, where the newsroom of this weekly and online news site and the television shows Esta Semana[...]

Nicaraguan Army

The letter sent last week by the Blue and White National Unity (UNAB) to the Chief of the Nicaraguan Army,[...]

“Veneno” (Poison) feels like an “immigrant” within his country. “If you could imagine how the life of a migrant is,[...]

Bipartisan US Congress

The United States Congress finally approved the Nica Act on December 11th, which establishes harsh political and economic sanctions against[...]

US Banks

A week ago, Wells Fargo Bank informed the four banks with which it maintains relations in Nicaragua—BAC, BANPRO, LAFISE and[...]

Niquinohomo Sisters

If Olesia Munoz weren’t shut up in the La Esperanza women’s prison, together with a dozen other political prisoners, her[...]


Entrepreneurs from Nicaragua’s private sector will hold an important assembly next Wednesday, December 12th in Managua. The executives are expected[...]

We know that the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship is not sustainable because it relies only on armed violence. It has imposed an[...]

Human rights organizations in Nicaragua asked the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IAHRC) to include Daniel Ortega’s Government on a list[...]

The Blue and White National Unity coalition called on the Nicaraguan Army to issue a pronouncement “in the face of[...]