Trial Against Journalists in Nicaragua Rescheduled


Ortega judge requests five CDs which supposedly represent documented proof the journalists were “inciting hatred” on the shuttered “100% Noticias”.

Release of Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners: a Precondition for Dialogue

Political Prisoners
Maynor Salazar

Pressured by external sanctions and economic collapse, Ortega ties his negotiations to the outcome of the crisis in Venezuela.

Nicaragua: Government Steps-up Pressure on Public Employees

Public Employees
Maynor Salazar

Policies harden and amid threats of dismissal. “They want to change our memory cards,” accuses a public employee.

What Happened in Nicaragua on February 16?

Francisco Larios

“Dissenting voices, it seems, become hurtful noises when they reach their eardrums.”

Estimating Daniel Ortega’s Fortune

Daniel Ortega
Enrique Sáenz

The Bancorp trust is valued at: US $2.5 billion dollars! That is the “base” of Ortega’s fortune. Just the base.

Freedom Concert in Colombia for Venezuela


Among the invited artists who will seek to raise funds on February 22nd are Ricardo Montaner, Juan Luis Guerra, Anitta, among others.

European Parliament Warns Nicaragua of Severe Sanctions

Juan Carlos Bow

“So far, your government has not taken any steps showing the intention” to comply with the requests of the European Parliament, Tajani warned Ortega

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