Under pressure from the Europeans the Government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo did an about face and will allow[...]

Independent Journalism

This Monday marks one month since the closing of the 100% Noticias channel and the imprisonment of colleagues Miguel Mora[...]

Rafael Solis

Former Supreme Court judge Rafael Solis spoke for 54 minutes before the cameras of the weekly television news show Esta[...]


With the closure of spaces for civil society to protest and particularly the criminalization of human rights defenders by the[...]

The last time Alejandro Ubau Hernandez spoke with his niece Lucia Pineda Ubau, editor-in-chief of 100% Noticias (News) channel, the[...]

One April 22nd, in the year 2002, Nicaraguan police arrested Byron Jerez, today an elected representative in Nicaragua’s National Assembly,[...]

Daniel Ortega and Robert Mugabe share a lot of similarities, but also some profound differences. Ortega spent seven years in[...]

Nine months into the Nicaraguan political crisis, the country is looking at a difficult year ahead. It faces a government[...]

Neither Forgive nor Forget

Neither pardon (legal) nor forget (political). The parentheses are useful to rehearse a response, with the brevity of a slogan,[...]

Rafael Solis

The resignation of Rafael Solis as magistrate of the Supreme Court, after 21 years in office, and his militancy in[...]