Francisca Ramirez: “Ortega is Very Afraid of the People”

Francisca Ramirez
Cindy Regidor

From her temporary agricultural camp in Upala, Costa Rica, the rural leader demands conditions for the secure return of those in exile

Feminist Performance Rejects Violence Against Women

feminist performance

They were inspired by the performance “Let me be the ruler”, by Rosa Mesa (Spain), to “make the bonds visible”, vindicate the feminist struggle

Solentiname’s Last Supper with Ernesto Cardenal


The community’s farewell to Cardenal: “This is how we lived with him,” explained Esperanza Guevara Silva

US Sanctions Hit the Nicaraguan Police Finances

Juan Carlos Bow

The police as an institution will be left without their bank accounts and without the possibility of accessing external credits

United States Sanctions the Nicaraguan National Police

Nicaraguan National Police
Juan Carlos Bow

US Department of the Treasury also punishes general commissioners Luis Perez Olivas, Justo Pastor Urbina and chief commissioner Juan Valle Valle

Monica Gonzalez: “The Genesis of Violence Lies in Corruption”

monica gonzalez
Carlos F. Chamorro

Following Chile’s social explosion, the country will hold a plebiscite in which “democracy is at stake,” affirms the Chilean journalist Monica Gonzalez

Pro- Daniel Ortega Mobs Disrupt Funeral Mass of Poet Ernesto Cardenal

funeral of ernesto cardenal

Supporters of the dictatorship interrupted the mass calling the poet a traitor, while the Government said they accompanied him because he is “admired”

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