Edwin Tellez Guevara, the “Vandalic Boxer”

vandalic boxer
  • Monica Garcia Peralta
  •  1 de noviembre 2019

The athlete with the Nicaraguan flag and its inverted shield, as a form of protest, earned him the nickname of the “vandalic boxer”

The Highest Goal for Nicaragua

unity in Nicaragua
Edgar Tijerino

When you have a support base as overwhelming and powerful as this blue and white one, candidacies are left behind

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez: “Here in Nicaragua We’ve Lost our Fear”

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez
Carlos F. Chamorro

“The people are creating change.” The Nicaraguan Bishops propose guidelines for inclusive principles and values to support the country’s reconstruction

Political Segregation in the Nicaragua of Ortega and Murillo

Political Segregation
José Luis Rocha

If you sow segregations, you will reap more rebellions. There is no doubt that many red and black will turn blue and white

Nicaraguan Women’s Collective Exhibit their “Overflowing Stories”

Nicaraguan womens

A group of Nicaraguan women joined together to tell stories through embroidery. Go see their creations on display at the “Galeria Codice in Managua"

Demonstrators Challenge Daniel Ortega’s State of Siege


Despite the besiegement and repression of the dictatorship, Nicaraguans continue to protest. There were demonstrations in Tipitapa, Managua and Masaya

Inter-American HR Commission Examines Situation of Nicaraguan Refugees in Panama

Maynor Salazar

Since April 2018, Panama has received 6,041 requests for asylum from Nicaraguans fleeing the Ortega regime

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