Tribunal of Conscience to Judge 18 Crimes of Sexual Violence during the Ortega Repression

Cindy Regidor

Eleven women and seven men testified in Costa Rica, bearing witness to the regime’s crimes against humanity.

An Alliance in Nicaragua for Truth and Transparency

periodistas firmes y dignos
Carlos F. Chamorro

Independent journalists, citizens, public servants and business leaders must join together to reveal what the regime is hiding

Daniel Ortega Uses Extortion against “100% Noticias”

100% Noticias
Ana Lucía Cruz

Miguel Mora points out that his accounts were up to date before the media outlet was “stolen.” Now they fabricate back taxes to threaten him with jail

Nicaraguan Shoemaking Industry Suffers in Silence the Pandemic’s Impact


Over 300 local shoemaking workshops have disappeared in Masaya, while others are functioning at half their normal capacity

Nicaraguan Refugees in Costa Rica Without Food, Housing or Work, during the Health Crisis

Nicaraguan Refugees, covid-19 en la frontera
Cindy Regidor

Over three quarters of the refugees and asylum seekers are experiencing hunger, the UNHCR reports. Some 7% have returned to Nicaragua, despite the risk

More than 200 companies affected by “fiscal terrorism” in Nicaragua

Weekly News Report | Companies affected by "fiscal terrorism", ASSA group buys Army's bank shares, and Avianca's flights return in September

Charter Flights Multiply, the Only Option to Leave Nicaragua

Vladimir Vásquez

With no commercial airlines operating in the country, charter flights have increased month by month, despite the high cost.

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