Civic Alliance Reviews 2019 Actions, Eyes Opposition Coalition

Civic Alliance

They warned that if the regime does not stop repressing, sanctions will continue raining upon them. They expect a delegation of Eurodeputies in 2020

Export-Import Bank of the United States Excludes Nicaragua

Bank of the United States
Iván Olivares

Nicaragua is on a list of undesirables for EXIM, which also includes North Korea, Iran, Syria and Venezuela

Unites States asks OAS to Discuss a New Resolution against the Daniel Ortega Regime

resolution against Daniel Ortega
Maynor Salazar

The United States asked the Permanent Council of the OAS to review a draft of a resolution on Nicaragua

European Parliament Approves a Resolution to Sanction the Dictatorship

european parliment
Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

With 560 votes in favor, the European Parliament agreed to send a delegation to Nicaragua and urged Ortega to allow them to enter the country

President of Costa Rica Requests Support to Assist Nicaraguan Migrants

Support to Assist Nicaraguan Migrants

Carlos Alvarado attended the Global Refugee Forum with a portfolio of cooperation projects to answer the requests from refugees and migrants

Opposition Politicians say Nationalization of the DNP Oil Co. is “Robbery of the State”

Nationalization of DNP

Ortega’s son and his partners in DNP will be able to set the price of gas without following the guidelines for expropriation established

Female Political Prisoners Protest over Medical Attention

female political prisoners in nicaragua
Maynor Salazar

They requested medical attention for Neyma Hernandez, who on Friday suffered a pre-infarct and severe abdominal pains

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