Nicaraguan Hotels with Less than 3% Occupancy

Nicaragua’s hotels

Tourism sector is still at zero, to the point that more than 80% of the staff working in hotels have been suspended or dismissed.

“I’d Rather Die at Home than Go to a Hospital”

die at home
Juan Carlos Bow

The story of a COVID-19 patient in Rivas. According to Minsa there are no cases of COVID-19 in this city, but Citizens’ Observatory reports 55 deaths

Funeral Services Business Booming in Nicaragua

Funeral Services

Demands for caskets tripled in May, and in one cemetery there were ten times more burials per day.

Between 6,200 and 20,000 Could Die from Covid-19 in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

Incae President warns: In Nicaragua "2000 daily tests of covid-19 are urgent"

Covid-19 Cases in 131 of the 153 Municipalities in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

The Citizens Covid-19 Observatory has registered 5957 people with the virus and 1688 deaths. The deaths in their report is higher than Minsa data

COVID-19 Pandemic Leaves Four Deaths a Day in Bluefields

covid-19 deaths in Bluefields

Medical sources report 2500 suspected cases of Covid-19; hospital had to provide a new building to handle the flood of patients

Dying in Nicaragua in the Time of Coronavirus

official silence coronavirus pandemic in Nicaragua

According to the CitizenObservatory COVID-19, more than 1,688 Nicaraguan’s have died within the last 3 months, without goodbyes or posthumous homage

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