The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) on Thursday formed the “working group” that is supposed to[...]


In his three roles as president of the republic, FSLN party leader, and head of his family, Daniel Ortega still[...]

Three moments since April 18 have strongly marked Silvio Jose Baez, the auxiliary bishop of Managua and one of Nicaragua’s[...]

Despite Daniel Ortega’s request, Pope Francis did not receive Nicaraguan foreign minister Denis Moncada last week in the Vatican. The[...]

Cristian Fajardo Caballero and Maria Peralta Cerrato, members of the April 19th Movement in Masaya, were arrested last July 23 at[...]

The crisis in the country has already caused some 215,000 people to lose their jobs according to a study from[...]

Daniel Ortega’s loss of credibility with the United States government has grown in recent years, and, after the brutal repression[...]

Rayneia Lima

In a closed-door hearing in a Managua courthouse on Wednesday, August 1st, Pierson Gutierrez Solis, former member of the military[...]

opinión pública Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega’s regime has launched a new communications strategy to circulate his story: he’s offering interviews to the media, asking[...]

Students of the UNAN

“They killed my son. It hurts so much, it crushes me.” With a low voice Patrona del Carmen tells the[...]