Flipping Off the Ortega Regime


“We need to wash our dirty laundry at home, but at the same time, let’s not forget to keep strict tabs on anyone who claims to represent our interests"

Nicaragua’s Catholic Bishops Reject Participation in the Negotiations

obispos, diálogo, Nicaragua

Silvio Baez: “I support the decision of the other CEN bishops not to be physically in the negotiations, but accompanying as pastors”

Nicaragua: The Paramilitaries’ Weapons Came from the Police


“I can tell you that around 40% of the police are not in agreement. There is fear to be denounced. We feel like our hands are tied”.

Nicaragua: Police Captain Admits Making False Testimony against Protestors

False Testimony

The active Police Captain has been a “witness” in ten political trials and said the accusations are fabricated at the El Chipote interrogation prison.

Nicaragua at the UN Human Rights Council Session

Human Rights

“When dealing with crimes against humanity, (we) must intervene so that this situation is modified,” says the former Guatemalan attorney general.

Russian and Chinese Interests Key in Venezuela

Nina L. Khrushcheva

At the end of the day, Venezuela can’t hold a candle to the strategic importance of these two companies.

Carlos Mejia Godoy Received by Nicaraguans in Panama

Mejia Godoy danced to the classic songs “Soy puro pinolero” and “Nicaragua, Nicaraguita” and shared some words of gratitude.

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