Amaya Coppens: In Nicaragua “There’s No Turning Back”

Amaya Coppens

“I’m not looking for political gain. I want to finish my career, but there’s still a lot of work to be done,” to change Nicaragua, Coppens affirms

Valentina and My Generation: Suicide and Nicaragua’s Youth

suicide in Nicaragua
  • Cristel Montenegro
  •  13 de enero 2020

While reading Valentina’s letter, I felt a true invitation for us to look within ourselves. Valentina is our mirror

Pedro Joaquin Chamorro Lives on

Pedro Joaquin Chamorro

It is now up to those who want to and can follow in his footsteps, to try to make his dream of liberating Nicaragua a reality

“We Don’t Believe in Ortega’s Electoral Reforms”

Ortegas Electoral Reforms

Civic Alliance affirms that they don’t expect “anything good” to come out of the electoral reforms that National Assembly has announced it will enact

Daniel Ortega Plans a Unilateral Electoral Reform in Nicaragua

electoral reform
Ivette Munguía

Ortega parliamentarians intend to impose a reform tailored to their own interests and excluding the movements that opposed Ortega

“Opposition Coalition Must Be Ready in the First Quarter of 2020”

Juan Carlos Bow

Guillermo Incer, of the National Unity: parties must be ready to go to primaries to select candidates and reject the electoral farce

Nicaragua’s Released “Water Carriers” Complain of Constant Harassment

Constant Harassment
Juan Carlos Bow

Young activists declare that they won’t leave Nicaragua despite the persecution and threats they receive from the paramilitary and FSLN fanatics

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