Russian and Chinese Interests Key in Venezuela

Nina L. Khrushcheva

At the end of the day, Venezuela can’t hold a candle to the strategic importance of these two companies.

Carlos Mejia Godoy Received by Nicaraguans in Panama

Mejia Godoy danced to the classic songs “Soy puro pinolero” and “Nicaragua, Nicaraguita” and shared some words of gratitude.

Roadmap Approved by Nicaragua Negotiations

Nicaragua Negotiations

The regime’s refusal to admit Bishop Alvarez was the “delay” that kept the “roadmap” from being approved earlier, sources close to the negotiations.

The Attorneys that Dare to Defend Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners

Political Prisoners

The Permanent Commission for Human Rights (CPDH) in Nicaragua has defended more than 200 of the dictatorship’s 777 prisoners.

How to Avoid a War in Venezuela

Jefrey Sachs

In connection with this important challenge, the government of US President Donald Trump committed a serious miscalculation.

The Youngest Victims of the Nicaragua Nightmare

Youngest Victims

Among the 325 fatal victims of the repression in Nicaragua, 29 were minors. There are also 22 adolescents among the political prisoners.

Nicaragua: Dictatorship Militarizes Electoral “Farce” on the Caribbean Coast

Caribbean Coast
Juan Carlos Bow

Ethics and Transparency notes that eight out ten citizens did not vote for the winning political parties, a “very low dose of legitimacy.”

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