“Here we have Daniel Ortega’s response.” You can hear it. It resounds on every corner. “Bang. Bang. Bang.” They are[...]

Daniel Ortega

On December 10, 2000, a time when Comandante Daniel Ortega was leading the opposition against president Arnoldo Aleman, I interviewed him on[...]


When the majority of students who are protesting against Ortega’s regime today were born, Daniel Ortega had already been Nicaragua’s[...]

Dear Luis Almagro: I understand that it’s difficult for you to assimilate the fact that Daniel Ortega, one of the[...]

Four decades ago, the popular armed insurrection deposed the dictator Anastasio Somoza, while the FSLN presented itself as the only[...]

Nicaragua’s Episcopal Conference (CEN) has announced that it will meet with President Daniel Ortega today at Casa de los Pueblos,[...]


Ever since Monday evening, residents in the Nicaraguan department of Carazo have a roadblock up again at Las Esquinas, one[...]


The director of the Institute of Economic Studies and Public Policies (Ieepp), Felix Maradiaga, rejected accusations by the Nicaraguan National[...]

The hour for our nation has come, for a new republic, with new thinking that has been incubating in the[...]

Confidencial | Carlos Herrera

The National Dialogue process, which began on May 16th, was suspended at is fourth session (Wednesday 23rd) because no agreements[...]