Free Elections: a Plebiscite to End Nicaragua’s Dictatorship

free elections
Carlos F. Chamorro

First, the coalition and territorial organization, the program and fighting strategy to achieve electoral reform, and lastly, the candidates

Maria Ruiz Briceno: “The Police Threatened Me Every Day in Prison”

Yader Luna

Student Maria Ruiz Briceno spent almost six months in detention with common prisoners. The jailers demanded information on other university students

Sergio Ramirez: In Elections with No Guarantees Ortega would be Reelected

Sergio Ramirez

“The (opposition) coalition is going to happen”

Murdered Journalist’s Parents Return to Nicaragua to Demand Justice

Amanda Lopez and her husband Angel Gahona returned from exile despite considering Nicaragua unsafe

Political Trial for Nicaragua’s “Water Carriers” Suspended

political trial suspended

They arrived at the judicial complex wearing T-shirts with the slogan “we are missing 65,” in reference to the number of Ortega’s political prisoners

Salvadoran Prosecutor’s Office Seizes Assets from accomplices of Mauricio Funes

accomplices of Mauricio Funes

Nine properties, six vehicles and four bank accounts confiscated to two former officials of the ex-President, granted asylum by Daniel Ortega

Impunity Facilitates the Killings of Indigenous People in Bosawas

Impunity Facilitates
Ivette Munguía

The State’s permissiveness over the last decade has left a trail of death, grief, deforestation, and a more pronounced agricultural frontier

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