Daniel Ortega’s Silence Questioned in Times of Covid-19

Maynor Salazar

Many Nicaraguans believe that a quarantine would be ideal to prevent coronavirus infection from spreading and adopt their own self-care measures

A Nicaraguan at the Epicenter of the Coronavirus in Italy

Nicaraguan at the Epicenter
Carlos F. Chamorro

German Ramirez reports from Bergamo, in northern Italy, that the coronavirus is “out of control” and that a quarantine “will be prolonged.”

Five Presidents’ Absurd Responses to Covid-19

Absurd Responses to Covid-19

While other presidents sharpen their measures to avoid contagion from Covid-19, these presidents “prescribe” kisses, hugs and marches

National Coalition Launches Coronavirus Emergency Committee

Coronavirus Emergency Committee

They demand elimination of taxes on cleaning supplies, the protection of nursing homes and the release of sick prisoners

Workers in Free Trade Zones Fear Eventual Quarantine

Uncertainty in the informal economy in the face of measures that could be needed to prevent massive contagion from the Coronavirus

Nicaragua Government Keeps a Lid on Coronavirus Tests

coronavirus tests

Doctors had reported some suspicious cases before confirmation of the first positive, but the tests are being processed in the “Conchita Palacios”

Nicaragua Has Its First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus

Confirmed Case of Coronavirus

The Nicaraguan, 40, returned from Panama, says Murillo; he is “isolated” and “stable”, “and we hope to God that he doesn’t need a respirator”

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