European MP after Nicaragua Visit: “Telling the Truth is Not Terrorism”

Juan Carlos Bow

“In the case of Miguel Mora, I am worried because I think he is a journalist, period, nothing more,” expresses the Member of the European Parliament.

Ortega’s Female Political Prisoners Expose the Regime’s Mistreatment to MEPs

“We will not back down for anything,” said Irlanda Jerez in a video released by MEP Ana Gomes, where she shows the cells of the prisoners.

Guards Raid Cells of Political Prisoners in Nicaragua

“Very serious tensions were generated after some complained,” stated human rights lawyer Julio Montenegro.

European MPs Confirm: “There Was No Coup” in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

They demand gestures for a national dialogue: that harassment and persecution cease and that international human rights organizations return

Nicaragua’s Business Leaders Demand Police Retraction

Private sector notes that accusations are contrary “to the principles of police action of legality and professionalism”

Mexico’s Policy Towards Nicaragua: There Lies the Detail!

Enrique Sáenz

How is it that the Mexican government can assume a leadership position in a Latin America where governments have clashing political goals?

Nicaragua’s Business Groups to Plan a Course of Action

The magnitude of the socio-political and economic crisis should already have brought the government back to a dialogue.

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