A Political Vehicle for Civic Pressure in Nicaragua

The repression and the existence of a de facto police state have made organizing difficult. “We need to be more united,” declares Edwin Carcache.

Nicaragua’s Private Sector Supports Early Elections

The Civic Alliance has an electoral reform project and seeks further input of other organizations to ensure consensus

Nicaragua: General, Obey the Constitution

Enrique Sáenz

The general was very emphatic in his assertions of respect for the Constitution and the laws. That is good, here they are.

Nicaragua News from the Past that Seems Like the Present

testigo de años

We selected some of the news written over forty years ago that seem to be written today and that have been rescued by Avil Ramirez on Twitter.

Mass Firing of Medical Staff from Hospitals in Nicaragua, One Year On

  •  31 de julio 2019

Exiled doctors, like the rest of Nicaraguans, dream of returning to their country and of finding a free and peaceful place.

Ortega Gives Nicaraguan Citizenship to El Salvador Fugitive Mauricio Funes

  • Arlen Cerda
  •  31 de julio 2019

Salvadoran justice can no longer extradite him, because protection only serves within the national territory.

Nicaragua: Political Reform and Elections in 2020

Carlos F. Chamorro

Ortega can continue to impose a state of siege for a few more months, but the only thing he will achieve is to accelerate further the destruction.

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