Independent Journalism from Exile

Independent Journalism
Carlos F. Chamorro

We must defend the last spaces of freedom of the press, which is the first freedom, and freedom of expression, threatened by the Ortega dictatorship.

Devastating Interview with Rafael Solis, Exiled Nicaraguan Supreme Court Justice

Rafael Solis
Carlos F. Chamorro

“The majority of those within the Sandinista Front want there to be a dialogue, but there’s a fear of talking about it…”

Nicaragua Brings International Human Rights Organizations Together

Yader Luna

The initiative is integrated by international organizations for the defense and promotion of human rights.

Nicaragua: Journalists Remain Incommunicado after 28 days

Maynor Salazar

A Judge of the Sixth District Criminal Court ordered the El Chipote jail authorities to allow family visits to journalists

Nicaragua Needs More Justice, Less Impunity

“In the new Nicaragua we so long for, we must ensure that justice becomes a habit and that impunity disappears.”

Mugabe and Ortega: Similarities and Differences

Guillemo Cortés Dominguez

History has now buried Mugabe, while Ortega continues clinging to power, squandering all his political capital and eroding his personal image.

Nicaragua in 2019: Time for Change?

Manuel Orozco

Nicaragua needs strong incentives to prevent a debacle that would cause irreparable damage.

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