Journalist Deported

First came the Immigration officers. Then the National Police officers. At about eleven o’clock on Monday morning, the Austrian-US documentary[...]

Nicaragua Is in Recession

Although Nicaragua’s Central Bank has not yet publicly acknowledged it, the country will fall formally in recession as of today,[...]


Discrediting as a political weapon does not need any proof or reasoning. Just put a label, repeat it a thousand[...]

political prisoners

How might the rain sound in the cells of El Chipote? (Once it had been the name of Sandino’s camp)[...]

Elsa Valle

The same day she was freed, Elsa Valle was mobbed for interviews. Reporters from the national and international media sought[...]

President Threatens

The government of Daniel Ortega threatened the private sector because it pretends that the problem in Nicaragua is economic and[...]

Police State

After repressing, murdering, persecuting and imprisoning hundreds of citizens, the Ortega regime intends to silence the civic protests against the[...]

Amaya Coppens

The day before Amaya Coppens Zamora was taken prisoner by Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship, in Leon, her father Federic Coppens spoke[...]

Edgard Tijerino

Beginning October first, the sports program Double Play will be transmitted on 720 AM of Radio Catolica of Nicaragua, 102.3FM[...]


The leader of the anti-canal rural movement, Francisca Ramirez, promises to fight from abroad against the regime of Daniel Ortega[...]