Poet Ernesto Cardenal Dies at 95

Último poema de Ernesto Cardenal

His health was fragile due to his advanced age. Latin America has lost one of its most powerful poets

Daniel Ortega Called “an Enemy of the Free Press”

Enemy of the Free Press
Yader Luna

Journalists and communicators demand an end to police violence against the task of informing; ten journalists were attacked on February 25

Daniel Ortega’s Electoral Accord with the OAS Expires Today

Electoral Accord
Juan Carlos Bow

If Ortega doesn’t request an extension, the memorandum of understanding will lose its validity this Friday, three years after it was signed

Rosario Murillo Calls Opponents “Hateful Criminals” and “Devils”

rosario murillo, recreational activities
Yader Luna

In a new rosary of insults against opponents, VP Rosario Murillo blames them for the murders, unemployment and calls them traitors

Daniel Ortega Mob Beats Sacristan in a Matagalpa, Nicaragua Church

sacristan in a matagalpa churh
Yader Luna

“They are beasts that obey orders to kill” sent by the Ortega-Murillo regime, denounced Monsignor Roger Garcia after condemning the repression

Bachelet: Human Rights Violations Continue in Nicaragua

human rights violations

“Massive police deployments discourage Nicaraguans from demonstrating,” says the UN high commissioner for human rights

The Lessons of February 25, 1990

february 25
Enrique Sáenz

What must we do to avoid the repetition of these tragic cycles of dictatorship, war and pacts made in inner circles?

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