On Monday, business owners from Granada affiliated with the National Chamber of Tourism, sustained a heated meeting with Mayor Julia[...]


Confrontations pitting the riot squads and government-sponsored mobs against citizens and students who had gathered spontaneously to protest left at[...]


On the morning of April 19th, he packed his bag with small handkerchiefs, gauze bandages, face masks and medical instruments,[...]

  • Arlen Cerda
  • 13 de mayo 2018

The Nicaraguan Army has assured that it will not engage in acts of repression against citizens protesting against the government[...]

One of the most important features of the April Insurrection, as the new cycle of social movement in Nicaragua is[...]

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HAVANA TIMES – The Nicaraguan Catholic Bishops’ Conference (CEN) called on the government of Daniel Ortega today to adopt four[...]

Journalists, editors, columnists, photographers, cameramen, writers, caricaturists, bloggers, foreign correspondents and media owners in Nicaragua jointly signed a statement in[...]

The self-organized students have declared that there can’t be a dialogue until a trustworthy and independent Truth Commission has been[...]

  • Franklin Villavicencio | Yamlek Mojica
  • 9 de mayo 2018

Protests against the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillio in Nicaragua have resulted in 45 fatalities and still counting,[...]

The Nicaraguan National Assembly set up a ‘Truth, Justice and Peace Commission’, to which it gave the mandate to “know,[...]

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