Political Prisoners

“Twelve months from the first day that virtually all of Nicaragua got tired and shouted for democracy, justice and freedom,[...]

El Chipote

Pulled nails, electrical shocks to the testicles, skull-breaking blows, kicks to the stomach, metal shards hidden in meals, asphyxiation using[...]

It’s easy to look back and view with clarity what’s happened in Nicaragua, but in 2018, when we were running[...]

“The blood of Christ has power!” “They were students, not criminals!” “Christ today, Christ forever!” “Democracy yes, dictatorship no!” These[...]

Today I visited my sister Lucia Pineda Ubau for the first time in the prison “La Esperanza,” in Tipitapa. I[...]

When we university students took the streets on April 18, 2018, in support of our people, when the heroic occupations[...]

The crimes against humanity committed by the regime of Daniel Ortega, and the grave violations of Nicaraguans’ human rights over[...]

On April 10, 2018, we poured into the streets in a sea of humanity. I remember walking with my friend towards[...]


On Saturday 13 April the Latin American Solidarity Centre in Dublin hosted an event titled “Poetry, Song and Struggle: One[...]


We all asked for changes, but never thought of demanding, living and writing them. April is a month that brings[...]