“I Thought We’d Already Had COVID-19, but No”

Yader Luna

“People have lowered their guard… If children don’t get medical attention in time, there’s a tendency for their cases to get worse,” a doctor warns.

Ortega’s Legislators Approve Life Sentences, the Last of Three Punitive Laws

Nicaragua’s National Assembly
Ivette Munguía

Nicaragua’s congress opens the door to harsher penalties for those who commit “hate crimes”. Their latest vote was to approve the Life imprisonment law

Daniel Ortega Orders Electoral Reform “Without Changes in the Electoral Council”

Ortega Orders Electoral Reform

“The reform excludes international observation, constitutional reforms and changes to facilitate registration of new parties or alliances”

Mistaken Interpretations of the US Election

Rafael Rojas

Policies Democrats promote are more relaxed and advantageous to the region. This could be observed in the presidencies of Carter, Clinton and Obama

Collecting Aid for Eta Victims in Nicaragua Goes Underground

Eta Victims in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega has politicized the collection of aid. They have forbidden business and social organizations to deliver aid to those affected by Eta

Ortega Says he will “Respect” Trump’s Claim that the Biden Win was Illegitimate

Trump’s Claim, daniel Ortega
Ana Lucía Cruz

Ortega made his first public appearance in 19 days. He denied that anyone died as a result of Eta. Once more he attacked the April 2018 civic rebellion

“Pana Pana” to Survive after Eta Hit Nicaragua


Daniel Ortega’s regime has hampered popular organizing that seeks to gather humanitarian aid for communities in the North Caribbean of Nicaragua.

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