The Essence of McCarthyism

Rafael Rojas

The phenomenon made famous by Joseph McCarthy is to disparage any manifestation of the left. The subterfuge they use is that it will be communism

Slang words and nicknames helped me understand Nicaragua’s political context

Ana María Sampson

“El Bachi”, “Chayopalo”, and “sapo” are some of the terms that Nicaraguans have used to refer to people, events and personalities in the past two years

Learning from History: the “ballot box” trap in Nicaragua

Enrique Sáenz

The National Opposition Union was formed as an electoral alliance, and not as a political alliance. Before taking office, they were already breaking up

The Triad of Evil: Dictatorship, Security Forces & Oligarchy

Triad of Evil
Mario De Franco

As long as the business leadership isn’t accountable for its coexistence with the dictatorship, we will have no future

The Young Nicaraguan Scientist Who Mapped the Human Heart

Cindy Regidor

Dr. Carlos Talavera-Lopez recently formed part of the team that has classified the cellular composition of the human heart

Workers that Cannot Stay Home

cannot stay home
Nayira Valenzuela

A supermarket cashier, a gravedigger, a pharmacy manager and a bus driver tell why they can’t stay home

Medical Attention Demanded for Political Prisoner from Ometepe

Yader Luna

The 67-year-old is on a ventilator after suffering a stroke and receiving late assistance

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