On the morning of June 2, a group of men in a Toyota Hilux pick-up intercepted Jose Luis Prado Cano.[...]

Murder, kidnapping, sexual assaults, military-caliber weaponry, persecution and exile are some of the words that Nicaraguans have been hearing daily[...]

This past Tuesday, during the anniversary of the Naval Force celebrated with the top brass of the Nicaraguan Army, the[...]

In a press conference on Wednesday, August 14, a leader of the Farmers’ Movement of Nicaragua noted that President Daniel[...]

HAVANA TIMES – Nicaragua knows how to defeat Daniel Ortega at the polls, even if he’s cemented into the government[...]

HAVANA TIMES – “Army ranks with their terms expired, all types of business as a priority, party subordination as a[...]

A delegation from the Ortega-Murillo government traveled to the distant United Arab Emirates this past week to seek funds that[...]

Above the deafening bellow of the vuvuzelas, the cry for justice of Yadira Córdoba was heard very clear. The mother[...]

‘Karla’ feels frustrated. “Another Friday in which the training was about peace, reconciliation and rejection of the coup mongers. I[...]

Music, dance, photography, poetry and handicrafts were the artistic expressions presented by several former political prisoners and Nicaraguan artists who[...]