On Sunday, at eleven in the morning, the Saint Michael the Archangel Parrish is so full it could burst. Parishioners[...]

Daniel Ortega

The Executive’s proposal to issue 9.035 billion Cordobas (over $280 million USD) in Bonds, and to request the creation of[...]

Over five weeks ago, via both telephone calls and e-mails, Confidencial has been requesting an interview with the head of[...]

The invitation to come out and demand freedom for the political prisoners included an option to demonstrate on foot or[...]

One of the lies that Daniel Ortega’s dictatorial regime constantly repeats is that the formidable anti-dictatorial movement that came into[...]

At the end of July, Ivan Acosta, head of the Treasury and Public Credit Ministry, visited the Head Offices of[...]

Although the government tries its best to make everything look normal (the Central Bank organized an exhibition of folk costumes,[...]

“Here I am…, sadly entrenched in my easel”, says M. Victor, a Nicaraguan artist whose routine of drawing portraits has[...]

Until last March, the Chinandega Maracuya Company (Chimaco) Project was the crown jewel of PRONicaragua, the government’s investment promotion agency,[...]

They just appear. Very rarely does anyone see who is doing them. They have no signatures. No one claims authorship.[...]