2020: In Times of Crisis, Better Days Will Come

Better Days Will Come
Carlos F. Chamorro

The political challenges to clear the democratic path to end the crisis caused by the Ortega dictatorship in Nicaragua

Maduro Executes a Parliamentary “coup d’état” in Venezuela

coup d’état

President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, was held by the Police to prevent him from reaching the chamber

The Nicaragua Crisis Means Increased Violence against Women

Violence against Women

Nicaragua’s socio-political crisis has sparked digital violence against women and in some cases this aggression then escalated into physical violence

The Political Prisoners Daniel Ortega Refuses to Free

political prisoners

Next week, relatives of political prisoners will form a new board of directors to define their action plan for obtaining the release of the remaining

Church in Tipitapa Profaned and Ransacked by Ortega Fanatics

Church in Tipitapa Profaned

The Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH) reports that the group entered the temple, damaged religious images and stole items

Amaya Coppens: “Even When Out of Prison We Are Not Free or Safe”

The student leader and her family suffer the harassment and constant aggressions from Ortega’s paramilitaries after her release from jail

New Year’s Resolution: Keep Hope Alive!

Melba Castillo A

Almost twenty years after that survey and that report, we are far from fulfilling the dreams of Nicaraguans.

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