A Diminished ALBA Turns 15, Hopes to Revitalize

Diminished ALBA

Countries of the Latin American “left” reiterate their attacks against the United States, as the only one guilty of their ills

Sanctions Against Rafael Ortega and Petronic, “Deep Blow” to the Regime’s Finances

Ivette Munguía

US Treasury Department sanctions Rafael Ortega Murillo along with the business enterprises DNP Petronic, Zanzíbar and El Goliat

Arnoldo Aleman: Daniel Ortega’s False Opponent

Ivette Munguía

Before Aleman and Ortega sealed their pact in 2000, the most recent one had been between Anastasio Somoza and conservative Fernando Aguero in 1971

Closed NGOs Resist the Onslaught of the Nicaraguan Regime

closed NGOs
Juan Carlos Bow

Organizations that lost their legal status since a year ago, maintain their projects and goal of holding power accountable in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Police Attack Relatives of Political Prisoners & Journalists

Nicaragua Far From Normal, nothing is normal in Nicaragua, nicaraguan police, beat relatives of political prisoners
Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Human Rights Defenders and Feminists Demand Justice not Impunity

HUman Rights defenders
Ivette Munguía

Human rights organizations in Nicaragua denounce “restructuring” of paramilitary groups, in addition to torture and rapes in prisons

Victoria Obando: “We Won’t Stop Until Ortega is Gone”

victoria obando
Cindy Regidor

The Bluefields native, university student, transgender activist and released political prisoner maintains her demand that Daniel Ortega must go

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