It’s been asserted in recent academic discussions that the creation of the paramilitary bands signifies that the FSLN has returned[...]

The government of Daniel Ortega expelled today the mission of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human[...]

Carlos Herrera | Confidencial

The final report to date of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) will be brought[...]


President Daniel Ortega announced Wednesday that he would ask the Costa Rican government for a list of Nicaraguans requesting asylum[...]

Regardless of all the pressures, attacks, threats and blackmail, independent journalism will survive, because it is providing the kind of[...]

Ever since the crisis began in Nicaragua, a new wave of immigrants fleeing to Costa Rica in order to survive[...]

Can anyone imagine a letter to open a dialogue with Somoza after his clean-up operations? No. Because the people were[...]

La cacería-PxMolinA

Pedro Molina wants you to know that what’s happening in Nicaragua is not a civil war. “There aren’t two armed[...]

Alejandra Paz Huete is 18 years old and has infinite curiosity. In January of this year she decided to learn[...]

The invasion of private property ordered by the ruling party has hardened the difficulties faced by the real estate industry,[...]