Nicaraguan Runner Alex Vanegas Barred from Exercising in Prison

Alex Vanegas

The marathon runner was illegally detained on November 2nd and has in his favor a release order that was shelved.

“Maduro is Condemned to Negotiate”, says Chavez’s Biographer


“The Armed Forces are a key variable.” “Venezuela’s greatest challenge in the future will be how to put the military back in its barracks.”

Leftist EU Deputy Declares Ortega Anything but Socialist


“There’s no socialism without democracy, without human rights, and with political prisoners, period.”

Nicaragua: Pension Cuts and Higher Employer/Worker Contributions

Worker Contributions

Higher contributions, lower pensions: Companies and workers will have to contribute more, so that in the end, pensioners receive less.

Carlos Vives Cancels His Nicaragua Concert

Carlos Vives

The event’s organizers announced the cancellation, following a threatened boycott on social media.

European MP after Nicaragua Visit: “Telling the Truth is Not Terrorism”

Juan Carlos Bow

“In the case of Miguel Mora, I am worried because I think he is a journalist, period, nothing more,” expresses the Member of the European Parliament.

Ortega’s Female Political Prisoners Expose the Regime’s Mistreatment to MEPs

“We will not back down for anything,” said Irlanda Jerez in a video released by MEP Ana Gomes, where she shows the cells of the prisoners.

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