Brainwashing in Nicaraguan Schools

Enrique Sáenz

“Over a million and a half children and teens go to public schools where every day they receive a systematic indoctrination through their textbooks.”

Memories of a Nicaraguan Hero’s Daughter

Memories of a Nicaraguan

One of a series of recorded interviews, intended to encourage personal memories, and to learn from the exercise of letting out “what hasn’t been said.”

Lesther Aleman: “I’ve Come to Work for Nicaragua from the Inside”

lesther aleman

The university student tells why he decided to return to Nicaragua and what he will do, in this interview with Confidencial

Maria Ruiz Briceno, the Last Female Political Prisoner in Nicaragua

maria ruiz briceno
Yader Luna

A university student who was studying two careers and dreamt of helping her family, is now in jail, accused by the regime of a crime she didn’t commit

Daniel Ortega Hopes the World Will Forget Nicaragua

Iván Olivares

“He knows that many Nicaraguans are disappointed and very frustrated… All of that benefits Ortega,” warns former foreign minister Francisco Aguirre

University Leader Lesther Aleman Returns to Nicaragua after a Year in Exile

“I have not stopped fighting despite being outside the country, now I’ll do it from here,” said the university student upon his arrival Managua

Daniel Ortega Threatens Opponents with International Punishment

Ortega Threatens Opponents
Ivette Munguía

“We are documenting, don’t believe that they are at all happy and calm enough to continue trying to harm the people,” warns Ortega

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