The Blue and White National Unity: the Path Is Made by Walking

Enrique Sáenz

There are stumbling blocks on this road that must be exposed with harshness, in order to overcome them effectively. Our history has a lot to teach us.

Ortega’s Wrath against a Family of Fireworks Makers

Relatives of the true “Julian el Monimboseno” (from Monimbo) state how they were taken.

The Pain for the Massacred Children

Massacred Children
Juan Carlos Bow

Of the 29 children killed during the more than five months of civic protests, 25 were between 13 and 17 years old.

The Battles of Political Prisoner Victoria Obando

Political Prisoner

As a transgender woman, everything has been twice as hard for her. She’s suffered from discrimination and before becoming a political prisoner.

Dutch Legislators Warn Sandinistas of Becoming “a Great Shame”

Juan Carlos Bow

Spokespersons from three leftist parties request an end to the repression and polarization generated by the Government of Daniel Ortega.

Nicaragua: A Vandalic Granny against the Invisible Men

Vandalic Granny
José Luis Rocha

“Dona Coquito”, provider of water to demonstrators, as well as Dona Flor and marathoner Alex Vanegas, have become symbols of the rebellion.

Nicaraguans See Their Civil and Political Rights Disappearing

Political Rights Disappearing
Juan Carlos Bow

At least 18 articles of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights have been repeatedly violated by the Ortega-Murillo government.

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